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A Healing Love by Tara Chevrestt

A Healing Love Released #ContemporaryRomance With #DeafHeroine

A Healing LoveYou
didn’t really think I’d stop with just Love Request, did you? I’d like
to talk a bit today about my latest full length conrom, featuring a
hard-of-hearing heroine. You know how special those are to me.

like you all to meet Kimberly, an Iraqi Freedom war vet healing wounds
in her heart as well as her body. In a town called Cripple Creek, she
struggles with her new disabilities: hearing loss and vision
impairment…but they’re only disabilities if you let them be. With the
help of a handsome doctor, can she realize this?


Rogers vowed to fight a tragic past the only way she knew how: she
joined the Army and became strong. No man would hurt her again. But a
war wound sends her to her brother’s in Cripple Creek, WY, with vision
and hearing impairments.

Whereas glasses can help her see and
hearing aids can help her hear, nothing can force her to talk again. Is
she really unable to speak, or is she hiding behind her disability to
protect herself, her pride, and her heart? Regulated to the most menial
of jobs, her world in shambles, Kimberly is finally convinced to seek
medical assistance.

Carlos Medina is Jackson Hole’s best
therapist. If anyone can make Kimberly speak again, it’s him. But
Kimberly has to meet him halfway, and Carlos has his own past tragedy
that the young, mute woman threatens to force him to conquer.

both have wounds…and sometimes wounds must be reopened before they can
heal. Can they open up to each other? Can Kimberly find her voice again
and open her heart? Can love heal them both?


had been expecting a badly scarred, burly woman, not the petite,
slender girl from the coffee shop in Cripple Creek. Only, she wasn’t
really a girl. Her curves attested to that. He had to remind himself she
was twenty-three, as there was something extremely young and vulnerable
about her. Only the angry red mark on her throat—not covered by a scarf
as it had been when he’d seen her before—marred her beauty…and that
didn’t bother him.

She stepped forward, her gaze on his. She
looked just as surprised at the sight of him as he was at the sight of
her. Had she been expecting an old man with gray hair? He fought the
urge not to smile at the idea. Most people expected someone with his
reputation to be much older than his twenty-eight years…and not a biker
they’d met in a coffee shop who rambled about senoritas and antibiotics.
After all, obtaining a PhD was time-consuming. But he’d been lucky, and
unlike many other students, had not had to work his way through
college, and thus, had been able to focus solely on his studies. He knew
he was blessed. A supportive family and a scholarship had seen him

Carlos jolted himself from his musings and managed to
tear his gaze away from his patient—patient, best not to forget that—and
looked for her brother, expecting him to be right behind her. There was
no one there; she was alone.

“Hi.” He rose from his chair and
reached a hand out to her for her to shake. “You must be Kimberly
Rogers. Is your brother with you?” Her hand felt soft and delicate in
his own. He was careful not to give it the firm squeeze he normally was
prone to giving, careful to keep his expression neutral and not reveal
his surprise or pleasure.

She nodded and pointed to the door, in the direction of the waiting room.

mentally flipped a switch in his mind, from Casual Carlos to Doctor
Carlos. Carlos decided the fact she had brought her brother, but not
allowed him to escort her into the office itself was a positive sign.
She wanted to do this on her own, obviously. She wasn’t weakened to the
point she needed someone to hold her hand at all moments. His task may
not be as difficult as he’d originally thought. Then again, too much
pride could also hinder a patient’s healing. But at least she was
willing and comfortable enough to face a therapist on her own. The woman
had drive. It was visible in the way she held herself in front of him,
back straight, shoulders back, chin up. And though he knew from her
records she was wearing contacts, her eyes had a determined glint the
lenses couldn’t hide. The removal of the scarf was a positive step as
well. She was no longer ashamed of her wound.

“Have a seat.”
Carlos gestured to the chair across from his desk, and then, instead of
taking his own, he walked around to take the seat a short distance from
hers, turning it slightly as he sat so he would be facing her. When she
appeared comfortable, despite the fact she was gripping the armrests, he
smiled warmly at her. “I’m Carlos Medina. Your brother told me some of
your past history and current problems, but I would like the full story
from you. Now, I realize you cannot speak; that’s why you’re here, so is
there a particular way you wish to communicate with me right now? You
want to write? Would you rather fill out a form and then talk to me on
the computer until we progress?” He waited, clearing his throat
nervously, for her to answer, and shocked himself with his own internal
thought. Please, say no.

Yea, he was going to crumple and throw
that desensitization, talk via computer crap out the window…if she let
him. He couldn’t explain why—some therapist he was—but he didn’t want to
this woman to talk to him online. He wanted to talk to her in person.
The little switch was slipping back down to Casual Carlos pretty fast.
There must be a short in my circuit, because I don’t want or need a
woman in my life like that—especially not a patient. It’s not worth my
career…or my heart.

Carlos visualized the switch in his mind as
he watched the young woman and pictured the little button moving back up
to Doctor Carlos.

* * * *

Kimberly stared
at the handsome doctor in front of her. Talking online would be easier
and more convenient, but she didn’t need that kind of treatment. It
wasn’t like she was afraid of going out in public. Plus, she’d lucked
out as far as doctors went. The doctors at Walter Reed had been older,
gray, and paunchy. Heck, her audiologist wasn’t a young thing, either.
But this man…whoa.

He’d been in the back of her mind ever since
her failed second job. Meeting him had been the first time she’d felt
feelings of attraction or interest in the opposite sex in ages.

time, the atmosphere was quieter, calmer, and she wasn’t flustered or
busy and could take the time to really look at him. He was tall, with
olive skin and warm milk chocolate eyes. His face was clean-shaven, his
hair ink-black and wavy despite its short length. He sported a very nice
suit, a drastic difference from the biker attire she’d seen him in
before. An expensive-looking watch was his only jeweled adornment. She’d

He cleared his throat, bringing her back to earth.
Kimberly realized he’d been waiting for her to respond. Her face heated
with embarrassment. He was looking at her expectantly. What had he
asked? Oh yeah, the online thing. No…

Flustered, she merely shook
her head at him and reached into her back pocket. She had come
prepared. She pulled out her trusty pad, welcoming an excuse to stop
staring at him. Her notes were slightly damp from the sweat of her body,
and she was reluctant to hand them over, but it was her story, the
words she’d written for George. She could sit here all day and scribble
in front of him or hand him this.

Deciding she’d rather he be
staring at her notes than watching her write them, she handed them over.
This way, she would watch him.

He took the notes, and his hand
lightly brushed against hers in the process. Kimberly was surprised by
the current that traveled up her arm, all the way to her shoulder, on
that little contact.

I’m so glad I got contacts.

“Is this what happened to you?” His voice was soft, yet at the same time clear and masculine.

nodded, very aware of his gaze on her until finally, he looked down at
the papers he was holding. A small rush of air escaped her, and she
allowed herself to relax. She’d been so conscious of what she must look
like; hair tucked behind her aids, the red mark on her throat. It was
unnerving having such a handsome man staring at her.

Now, she sat
back and stared at him as he read, noting the crease that appeared
between his brows, the cleanliness of his fingers turning the pages, the
rugged line of his jaw.

Suddenly therapy didn’t seem so bad.

 Book info taken from author’s website.
Buy Links: All Romance, Amazon, & Secret Cravings

Sarah’s Review: 

I read this as an ARC back in May.  This review is from my Goodreads page.  I
want to thank the author for the ARC of this story. As soon as she
posted the cover on Facebook, I said I wanted to read it. Well, she
made it happen!  

Kimberly is the heroine in this story.
Kimberly was severely injured during her service in the Army while
serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. She was injured by an IED during a
convoy to deliver medical supplies when she went to see why the convoy
had stopped after hearing no response from her other team members. When
Kimberly sees a dog on the side of the road whimpering, she tries to
make sure the dog is okay when she realizes to late that the dog is the

After her recovery time at Walter Reed, she heads to her
brother, Jonathan in Wyoming. When Kimberly arrives, she hasn’t spoken
since her injury, she experience a vision loss and a hearing loss. This
story is about her journey in coping with those drastic changes.

is a therapist that Kimberly begins to see. Carlos has his own history
that has a connection to Kimberly. After Jonathan discloses that
connection, Carlos questions whether he can work with Kimberly because
of the connection. Carlos agrees to work with Kimberly and does help
her. There comes a point when Carlos realized that he should resigned
from being Kimberly’s therapist. When Carlos is forced to introduce
Kimberly to her new therapist without letting Kimberly know that he was
resigning as her therapist.

What happens when Carlos pushes
Kimberly to work through her fears? What happens when Carlos tells
Kimberly why he couldn’t be her therapist? What does Jonathan think of
all of this? This story tells it in amazing detail.

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