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Cold as Ice (Buffalo Intimadators #2) by Cassandra Carr

Cold As Ice

cold as ice buffalo intimidators series book 2

Book 2, Cold As Ice, released in e-book format on March 7, 2012 and in print in July 2012.
ISBN #: 1-61926-417-X

Luc, Carter, and Jake make up the Buffalo Intimidators’ top
scoring line. Each of them is also a client of massage therapist Eva.
When they decide they want to be more than clients, they approach her.
Eva’s been secretly lusting after the guys for months but was afraid to
say anything, trying to keep everything on a professional level.

She agrees to a menage relationship, but when people on the team
start getting sick, will it turn into more than a fun roll in the hay
with her hockey boys?

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Note to self:  DO NOT READ AT WORK!! I was beat red my entire shift, which was only two and a half hours, but I blamed it on the heat!  😉

This is book 2 of the Buffalo Intimidators series.  This is also another menage story, so if that is not something you like then the series is not for you. 

Eva is the local massage therapist who has some of the Intimidators as clients. 

Luc, Jake and Carter are teammates, friends and they all like Eva. 

What happens when they decide to give a relationship a try? A HOT story!! 

What happens when the team doc makes a bad decision?  A scary situation. 

Great story that is definitely making me want to read book 3 RIGHT NOW!!  Sadly, I will have to wait.

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