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REVIEW: A Model Hero by Sara Daniel

A Model Hero
September Calendar Men
Sara Daniel

Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, rubenesque, military romance

Heat level: 4
Word count – 21k

Cover art by Mina Carter

Gretchen Meyers is a full-figured woman living in a model thin
world. Desperate to end her mother’s constant, nagging stream of dieting
and fashion “advice,” Gretchen tackles the challenge of reviving her
mother’s faltering modeling agency. All she needs is to woo back Kyle
Ramsey, once the hottest model in the country.

Making the preemptive choice to turn his back on his career seemed
Kyle’s only option until Gretchen comes calling. He doesn’t care what
she wants to offer him, the answer is no. Still, he’s intrigued by her
refreshing personality and all her lovely, lush curves.

When tragedy strikes, Kyle finds comfort and healing in Gretchen’s arms.
But he can’t trust her with his career-ending secret and she doesn’t
believe their relationship will survive the long term. He’s perfect and
she’s not even close. Can the fragile ties holding them together survive
Kyle’s opportunity to become a true model hero?


The restaurant scene, then, had done its job. She’d have to send
Jamie flowers. No, she’d send a box of fattening chocolates instead.
“Did you enjoy your evening after I left?”

His gaze narrowed, he pushed himself out of the chair. “Did you arrange with Jamie to drop by our table?”

“How could I, when I had no idea where we were going for dinner
until we were there?” Not to mention, she’d have preferred to sever
essential body parts than ask Jamie Feldman for anything. But her
irrational possessiveness was her own problem. “The important thing is
you had a good time, and you’re ready to make up for everything you’ve
been missing over the past year.”

“Those things aren’t important at all.” He advanced on her slowly.

She took a step back and came up against the door she’d closed a moment before.

Kyle flashed a predatory smile. He took her purse and briefcase
from her shoulder, setting them aside. Then he rested his forearms on
either side of her head and stared into her eyes, his lips a scant inch
from hers as he spoke. “I’m here for you. Our date deserves another shot.”

Her heart thundered. The thick eyelashes framing his gray-green
eyes mesmerized her. He stood too near for her to formulate a coherent
response. This much physical perfection and sex appeal should be
outlawed. Her mind was not equipped to handle it.

“What do you say?” he asked.

Yes, take me. “I say, why me?” Her voice rose with an
embarrassing squeak as she struggled to compose a rational argument and
remind herself she was in her office, just feet away from her employees
who’d never seen her anything less than one hundred percent
professional. “I get why you went out with me on Saturday. You’d shut
yourself away from the world, and I was the first woman to find you. But
you’ve been reminded you can have Jamie or anyone else you crook your
finger for. Why do you still want me?”

His gaze softened with a tenderness that pierced her heart. He
brushed his thumb along her cheek. “How could I not want you? You’re
smart and funny and beautiful and not afraid to let a guy who has no
idea what you like order for you on a first date.”

Author Bio:

Sara Daniel writes irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and
everything in between. On the personal side, she’s a frazzled maid,
chef, chauffeur, tutor, and personal assistant. She battles a serious
NASCAR addiction and was once a landlord of two uninvited squirrels.
Last but definitely not least, she has her own happily-ever-after
romance with her hero husband.

Sarah’s Review:
Thanks to Decadent Publishing and Sara Daniel for continuing to provide amazing books to keep our blog running!   This should have been reviewed in September but real life got in the way with a new job and my reading time diminished.  Things are heading back on the right track so I can read again! 

I love that Kyle saw Gretchen for who she was and was able to show Gretchen that she was beautiful the way she was.  It was also nice to read something that had the guy feel self-conscious about how he looks as well.  This story was touching in many ways for me since I related to Gretchen on so many levels.  

I enjoy reading stories where both characters have self-esteem issues and then they find a way to overcome their own images and find a way to be happy together.                  

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