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REVIEW: A Week in Milan by Aimee Duffy

A Week in Milan
Aimee Duffy
Getting what she wants isn’t going to be easy‚Ķ
department store owner Giovanni Monastero thought moving to LA would
help him forget the nightmare of his childhood. Until he visits Milan
during Fashion Week with one of their designers he doesn’t realize how
much his past still haunts him.
Fashion designer Amanda Hart has been chewed up and
spat out by her son’s father. The only dating she does now is in her
dreams. None of the guys she fantasizes about can hurt her. When the
star of those fantasies offers her the career chance of a lifetime “no”
isn’t an option even though it means spending a week in close contact
with him.
With one dream coming true, will Amanda have the courage to go after another?
Content Warning: contains smoldering sex, enough doubt to keep an island afloat, and more persuasion than a guy should need.
Author’s Website:   
Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance 
Digital ISBN: 9781940744032
Publication Date: December 16, 2013
Word Count: 24,500    
Sarah’s Review
Thanks to Beachwalk Press and Aimee Duffy for the opportunity to read this story.   This is the first story that I have written by this author and I really enjoyed it.  With it being a novella, there is a lot of story told in a short amount of pages.  Ms. Duffy did a great job!  
Gio and Amanda have more in common than they even know.  When a business trip to Milan for Fashion Week opens up an opportunity for them to know more about each other, they find out that they are more compatible than they expected.  Reading their connection during their trip and what happens after was just what I needed at the time I read this story.

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