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REVIEW: Awakening by Cassandra Carr

Vanessa Clark is doing a research paper for one of her last classes –
Psychology of Sex – before receiving her Bachelors’ degree. Once she
discovers the topic of BDSM, everything else pales in comparison. But
where will she learn about it? The Internet has its limits, and Vanessa
needs to talk to real-life practitioners of BDSM to really understand
the lifestyle and write about it.
Will Astin, who serves as a dungeon master at a local BDSM club,
doesn’t expect to find a gorgeous, irresistible young woman when he
agrees to a meet and greet with a college student as a favor to the
club’s owner. Even better, she’s interested in learning about BDSM for
what he suspects are more than scholarly reasons, and Will decides he’s
just the man to teach her about it, hopefully claiming her for his own.
Will and Vanessa begin a journey which teaches both of them
there’s more to BDSM than meets the eye. In the process, they grow
closer, but when Will’s job puts him in the line of fire – literally –
their roles are reversed and Vanessa has to take charge. Can they handle
the rapid shift in their burgeoning dynamic, or is their relationship

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Erin’s Review:
 When Cassandra said she had a BDSM book up for review, you can bet that I jumped on that! And I’m so glad that I did!
 Awakening isn’t your typical BDSM story.Oh trust me, there is enough heat to melt the polar ice caps, but it is so much more than just erotic sex. It’s a love story of the sweetest kind. 
 Vanessa is a sweet girl who appears a bit out of her element writing about the BDSM lifestyle for a college course. Vanessa is good example of, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Oh, she’s naive when it comes to the lifestyle and walking in to that BDSM club takes a lot of guts, but our girl shows that she’s capable of doing what she has to do.
 When the owner falls ill, he sends Will in his place. Will is HOT. I mean, tie me up, beat me with a flogger HOT! Will is a natural Dominant and senses that Vanessa would make a great submissive, but is he ready to take the chance on her after the heartbreak he went through with his last collared submisive?
 The dynamic between Will and Vanessa is sweet, smoking, sexy and at times these two had me cracking up. Vanessa just can’t keep her smart mouth shut, I loved it! She challenges Will. She also discovers the BDSM lifestyle is more than an internet search could ever teach her. They try to take things slow but slow doesn’t mean no sex! Vanessa is intrigued and Will is a willing teacher and knows that there’s something special about her.
 Their story takes a turn when Will’s job puts him in danger and thing suddenly change for the couple. Watching Vanessa step up and take charge is a sight to behold and Will just doesn’t know how to handle it. He already has conflicting feelings about his line of work now, on top of dealing with the guilt over what happened and now his conflicting emotions about Vanessa aren’t helping our wounded Dom.
 You want a BDSM story that’s not too heavy but packed with emotion? Awakening is the book for you. To see if our couple made it through, click those little buy links up there and find out. The only disappointment you will have, is when the story is over.
 Kudos to Cassandra for yet another hit! Keep ’em coming!!!

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