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REVIEW: Be Mine by Renee Luke

Renee Luke
Adaya doesn’t have a Valentine’s Day date, and that’s fine
with her. She doesn’t want one. She’d already worked all day and would
rather spend the evening soaking in the tub and sipping some wine.

Braden has a date with another woman–his mother. But once dinner’s done, he can’t get the sexy and sassy Adaya off his mind.

But can he convince her that he’d be better at getting her hot and wet than the tub, and more intoxicating than any bottle?

Sarah’s Review:
Thanks to Renee Luke for responding to a request for novellas when I reached out to authors.   She warned me that this story was steamy but she was wrong, this story is HOT!!

This is a Valentine’s day story but it is such a great story.  These characters made me wish that I had someone that would do something like this. 

I can’t really say too much without giving anything away, but it is a great steamy romance.   If you are looking for something hot to read, then this is one that I recommend.  

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