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REVIEW: Cabin Fever by Stephanie Williams


Sean, Patrick and Sandra are the Three Musketeers. They do everything together including work at a successful gym called Boot Camp. Sandra Patterson, is the resident nutritionist, but trainers Sean and Patrick want more than a platonic relationship.

Despite Sandra’s attempts to keep the rumors at bay, everyone at work
thinks they’re doing more than working on the gym equipment. It doesn’t
help that her private ménage a trois fantasies often star her best

When Sean’s uncle asks him to check out a cabin near The Rockies, the
remote location provides the threesome with the perfect opportunity to
test how far they’re willing to go to be together.

Can three weeks of passion lead to unconventional love or will cabin fever ruin their friendship forever?

Excerpt: “Do you mind if we spend the night?” Patrick inquired.

Sandra coughed and cleared her throat. It wouldn’t be the first
time they stayed over. She had guest rooms, and they all crashed at each
other’s places once in a while. But truth be told she wanted to finish
her new reading material. The adult magazine she’d picked up, Just for Women
had all kinds of hot, sexy stories in it. She’d been stuck on the same
damn story for the past few weeks, but something always interrupted her.

She’d just gotten into the story the previous night when Rhonda
called to give her the latest drama from her hair salon. Tonight was
supposed to be Me Night. Sandra had it all planned, too: a glass of
wine, a hot bath, a hot story, and maybe some self-pleasuring.

Each time she’d tried to read it, Sandra pictured Sean and
Patrick as the men involved. She shook those images out of her head and
tried to insert some other dude. Like Kenny, another trainer at Boot
Camp. But it never worked. His face would haze over and be replaced with
either Sean’s or Patrick’s. She had to mentally slap herself, because
that would not do. They were her buddies.

Her two fine buddies.

Patrick was the epitome of dark and dangerous-looking, with
Native American blood, and it showed nicely. Dark, shaggy hair fell to
his collar, and he had what seemed like a permanent five-o-clock shadow.
High cheekbones completed the bad-boy appearance, tempered with a
slight hint of goofiness in his lopsided smile. His eyes were dark and
brooding, which matched his personality at times. But Sandra had learned
to deal with it.

Sean represented the blond, carefree, optimistic—and gorgeous
type. His personality was the polar opposite of his friend’s. She loved
the contrast of the two. She loved being included in their lives.
Nothing intimate could ever happen between them.

But one could dream.

Author Bio:

My name is Stephanie Williams. I am a native of Los Angeles, born 45
years ago. I am a full-time home business owner in the export/import
trade as well as a contract purchasing agent for a medical facility. I
enjoy opera, classical music and am a huge history buff. Reading is my
passion and it’s not unusual for me to read a book a week whether it’s
War and Peace or short stories by Poe and of course romance and erotica.
I’ve traveled extensively and it’s not unusual to find me celebrating
Christmas in the Land Down Under with a shrimp on the Barbie.



Erin’s Review:

 This book kept me on edge so much I finished it in one night. I just HAD to see, will she? Won’t she? If not, either? Neither? The setting was perfect, a “cabin” in the Rockies. A cabin, that actually, was large enough for the three friends to launch the idea of a health spa/resort. 

 Sandra was used to getting curious glances from people when she was out with her two friends. They did everything together. The thought of a menage always intrigued her but she was content to stick with what she read in her woman’s magazine…..for now. 

 Sean and Patrick, on the other hand, had different plans. They wanted to throw caution to the wind and ask Sandra about a menage. And it had to be a menage, a threesome just cheapened what they wanted. They both wanted Sandra, forever. 

 The story happened so naturally. It really doesn’t take the reader much to get a mental image, and a fine mental image at that, of the two men seducing Sandra, warming her up to the idea of having the two of them together. 

 The characters were fun. Sean and Patrick were like two sides of a coin, polar opposites but a together they made one hell of a team. Sandra is funny, witty, and unsure at first but by the end, she doesn’t give a damn what people think. You can empathize with her indecision(lucky her!) and cheer when she finally makes up her mind. 

 You want a hot steamy read to take away the chill of a winter night? Grab this book!

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