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REVIEW: Collision-Book 2 Buckin’ Bull Riders by Cassandra Carr

Book 2 Buckin Bull Riders Series
By: Cassandra Carr

Olympic Gold medal-winning figure skater Leah Fitzpatrick, dubbed
“The Ice Queen”, is on the down slope of her career when she finds
herself roped into a joint promo gig on the professional bull riders’
tour. She’s paired with “The King of Rodeo”, Brady Parrish, and although
his looks could stop traffic, she’s got a future to worry about that
doesn’t leave room for knocking boots with the sexy bull rider. No
matter how hot he is.
Brady is living the good life. He’s at the top of his profession,
and has no idea something is missing until the cool Leah is thrust into
his life. But he sees something in her that hints at an underlying fire,
and sets out to prove her nickname wrong. In the midst of their steamy
affair, he falls hard. Blindsided by the potent combination of beauty
and vulnerability Leah displays, Brady is determined to melt “The Ice
Queen’s” heart.

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Erin’s Review
 I fell in love with Brady after reading Impact. I was hoping he would get his own book and Cassandra made my wish come true!
 Brady was everything I hoped and more. The chemistry between him and Leah was evident from the very beginning. It was nice to see the ever-so-confident Brady get flustered around Leah, the so-called Ice Queen.
 Leah hates her nickname, but she has an image to uphold. Her career is in question after an ankle injury and doing this tour with the bullrider’s was just the thing she needs to boost her image back in the public eye. She never in a million years think she would fall for the hot Brady Parrish.  Having no friends aside from her manager, and a family that only used her when it was convenient, hurts Leah.  She doesn’t trust easily and trusts herself less around Brady when things start to heat up between the two of them.
 Brady is so used to getting what he wants, he isn’t sure how to handle Leah, all he knows is that he’s fallen…..and hard. He introduces Leah to his best friend, Connor, and his girlfriend Jessica and even they see Brady’s in trouble.
 Cassandra does a phenomenal job at proving opposites do attract and sometimes you have to put trust in someone else in order to grow. Leah and Brady compliment each other well and things heat up quickly once they both let go.
 Loved the book, love the series and after this story, I love Brady even more.


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