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REVIEW: Fierce by Sabrina York



Celebrating her divorce with a girls’ weekend in Vegas, the last thing
Katie wants is a one-night stand. Her best friend disagrees and submits
the divorcee’s profile to Madame Eve. When the mysterious owner finds
her the ‘perfect’ match, Katie knows it won’t matter…she certainly
doesn’t need more proof she’s frigid.


Intrigued by Katie’s faithfulness to her inconsiderate, former husband,
cynical Sebastian relishes the challenge of overcoming the damage
they’ve both suffered at the hands of their respective ex-spouses. Drawn
to the fiery spirit in his 1Night Stand match, Sebastian will have to
prove he’s the lover who can help her embrace her passion.


Paired for a night of temptation and release, will these two damaged souls find ice turning to fire?


“Do you-do you find men attractive?”

She shrugged.

“Do you find me attractive?”

Her focus snapped back to him. Sebastian. With his deep emerald
eyes. The little prickles of an insistent day beard sprouting on his
chin. The delicious curve of his jaw.

“Yes.” Yes. She found him attractive. More so than any man she’d ever met.

It scared her to death.

“I find you attractive, too, Katie. Very attractive. But I don’t want to ask you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

Oh. There it was.

He was ending it.

A lump settled in her belly.

It was for the best. Really it was—

“So let’s take this slow, shall we?”

She gaped at him. “S-slow?”

He smiled and it warmed her heart.

Oh wait. It was his palm, skating across her shoulder, down her arm, cupping her breast. That was what warmed her.

“Stop me if this makes you uncomfortable.”

Oh, it made her uncomfortable. Sent sharp tingles along every
nerve. Made her body start to soften and swell. Made her womb quiver.

But she wasn’t stopping him. No way.

Erin’s Review: Katie is so damn sweet you have to love her and Sebastion is so damn hot, you want him in your bed. Katie could easily be any one of us. She’s a very relatable character with a wild side to her that her best friend knows is there. Hence, the set up with the infamous Madame Eve. She needs to get the ex out of her system, she needs to celebrate, she needs to feel alive and who better to do that with than the hot handsome stranger Madame Eve sets her up with.
 Sabastian sees something in Katie that arouses him. He sees a woman who is loyal, who is loving, who is fierce. He is determined to break through her shell and show her what a real man can make a woman feel like. He, too has been damaged by his ex. He’s no stranger to hurt but there’s something about Katie that piques more than his desire.
 Fierce should be every woman’s anthem. It should be our mantra. We should be like Katie and be free and wild, for even one night and show that there is more to us than meets the eye. Katie is an inspiration. And leave it to Madame Eve, to put two lost souls in the same place again, to find happiness where they least expect it.