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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: A Christmas Family Wish by Helen Scott Taylor

A Christmas Family Wish
Helen Scott Taylor
heartwarming tale of second chances for Christmas. 

When a tree falls on Rachel’s house in a storm, the person who rescues her is
Ian, the same man who rejected her declaration of love when she was eighteen.
She has banished him from her thoughts for eight years, but all her feelings
rush back as he plays the white knight and takes Rachel and her son into his
home. The young man she once knew is now a wealthy, successful business owner,
and more gorgeous than ever. Life has left them both bruised, but can they put
the past behind them and start again?
Chapter One
Carne lay awake, her heart pounding with alarm, unable to sleep for the noise
outside. Wind howled around the house, sending things clattering along the
street. Rain pelted the windows in a torrential downpour, drumming against the
climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom to peer through the window at her
small red car parked in the road. A wooden box skidded past it and banged into
another vehicle. Her hand pressed over her mouth. She half expected to find her
car wrecked in the morning, but there was nothing she could do except wait for
the weather to pass.
peeping in on her little boy, she climbed back in bed and pulled the covers
over her head. So far Toby had slept through the noise. She hoped he stayed
asleep. Her shift at work started early tomorrow. She would feel bad leaving
him in day care if he was tired and irritable.
new noise started outside, a groaning, wrenching sound as though the very earth
was screaming. Rachel’s already frayed nerves strung tight with fear. She hated
this. Hurricane-force winds were rare in England. In all her twenty-seven
years, she didn’t remember a night like this before.
groaning increased, then her house trembled. A crashing, tearing sound filled
the air. The trembling became a shudder, the horrendous noise almost deafening.
streaked through her. She must get to Toby. Rachel yanked her covers aside and
scrambled out of bed, tripping as the loose fabric caught around her legs. She
kicked it aside and reached for the light switch. She clicked it up and down
with no result.
her little boy’s terrified scream cut through the cacophony.
I’m coming, sweetheart.”
darkness, she pulled open her bedroom door. Cold, wet wind hit her, knocking
her back a step.
son’s terrified wails spurred her on. Tree branches poked through the
splintered wood of her son’s bedroom door. The old oak tree at the roadside
must have blown down and hit her house.
she pulled apart the damaged door and pushed into Toby’s bedroom. Rain drove
through the gaping hole in the wall where the massive trunk laid balanced
precariously on the crumbling brickwork, Toby’s bed right underneath.
sawing in and out in painful jerks, Rachel fought her way between the spiky
branches, barely noticing the pain as twigs scraped her exposed skin, and
rubble and splinters dug into her feet.
Mummy,” her son wailed in fright.
coming, Toby. You’re all right, baby. Mummy will be there in a minute.”
Her sodden nightdress clung to her body as she crawled under the trunk to reach
the bed. Rachel snapped off some twigs and blindly extended a hand.
here, sweetheart. Wriggle out to me. Come on, you can do it, baby.” He
crawled out from under the trunk resting a few inches above him. If it slipped…
soon as her hand grasped his arm, she dragged him from underneath the tangled
branches and hugged him against her.
all right, Toby. You’re all right.”
wailed and clung to her as the bitter wind and rain lashed at them. She had to
get him to safety. He wrapped his arms and legs around her. Half crawling, half
crouching, she fought her way back to the door. She grabbed the door frame as
the house tilted and a section of damaged wall collapsed and tumbled to the
ground outside with a crash.
stumbled, pressing her hand into the soggy carpet to help her stand. She
tripped into her bedroom on bruised feet and slammed the door behind her to
keep out the wind and rain.
fearful cries filled her ears, his little body stiff with terror in her arms.
God, let him not be hurt. Please. She laid him on her bed and ran her hands
over him in the dark. He was so wet from the rain, she had no idea if he was
bleeding. She grabbed her mobile phone and switched on the flashlight app. The
volume of Toby’s screams increased as she shone the blinding white light at
him. She stroked back his hair and examined his face.
sweetie. It’s okay. I need to check you over. There’s a good boy.” Rachel
pulled off his wet pajamas and dried him with her bedcovers. Holding the
flashlight above him, she ran a hand all over him, searching for cuts and
he was unmarked. “You’re okay, Toby. You’re not hurt. Calm down,
sweetheart.” She grabbed one of her T-shirts from a drawer and pulled it
over his head, then sat on the edge of the bed, hugging him close, rocking him.
his crying stopped and he scrubbed his fists over his eyes. “The wall fell
down and the rain came in.”
know, baby. Don’t worry about it. You’re safe with me.”
cuddled closer. “Where’s Jimbo?”
closed her eyes and fought to stay calm. She couldn’t go back to Toby’s room
for a teddy bear. “Jimbo is watching over your things until it gets light
and Mummy can rescue them.”
pouted but seemed to accept that explanation.
get you all warm and snuggly in Mummy’s bed, shall we?” She lifted the
covers and Toby crawled inside and curled up. “You go back to sleep,
baby.” She sat beside him and stroked his damp hair for a few minutes
until his breathing grew even and she was sure he slept.
a few moments she rested her head in her hands, eyes closed, shivering in the
chill. She needed to pull herself together, dry off, and change clothes.
with a mix of shock and relief, Rachel dragged off her clingy, wet nightdress,
gave herself a cursory wipe down, and wrapped herself in a warm dressing gown.
God Toby was unhurt. Rachel snuggled under the covers and curled around her
four-year-old, her heart still pounding. She hugged Toby close, stroking and
kissing his hair until she could think more clearly.
house was half fallen down. She couldn’t stay here. Yet where could she go in
the middle of the night? It would be dangerous to try to drive anywhere in the
storm. She didn’t have any relatives she could stay with. Her parents had
retired to Spain for her father’s health.
last thing she wanted to do with her dad so sick was worry him, but she didn’t
know who else to turn to. With a shaking hand, she reached for her mobile phone
and dialed her father’s number. It went through to voice mail. She cut the
connection and dialed again. On the second try, he picked up.
What’s wrong?” Her father’s voice was scratchy with sleep.
tree’s come down on my house in the hurricane. It hit Toby’s bedroom. I don’t
know what to do, Dad.”
Toby all right?”
He’s here with me.”
the Lord.” There were a few moments of muffled conversation as her dad
told her mum what had happened. Then he came back on the phone.
are you, Rachel?”
my bedroom.”
it safe there?”
sucked in a breath, her gaze going to the door. The temperature had plummeted,
and wind and rain battered against the wood.
don’t know. The front of the house where the tree hit is falling down.”
father cursed. “Can you get down the stairs?”
haven’t looked.”
Don’t worry, darling. You stay put. I’ll call Ian Harper and get him out to
you. He’ll know what to do.”
Ian’s name sent a strange shock through Rachel. She hadn’t heard her dad
mention him for years. Ian had worked for her dad’s construction company, then
left to set up his own. “Will he come out in the middle of the
course. He owes me one.”
Dad. Thanks.”
just stay safe and look after that grandson of ours. I’ll call Ian now.”
ended the call and sighed. She pulled away from Toby, careful not to wake him,
and climbed out of the warm cocoon of the bed into the cold room.
should be good at coping with emergencies. As a flight attendant for an
airline, she’d been trained for all sorts of eventualities, including what to
do when a plane crashed. A tree falling on her house wasn’t quite the same
thing, but it was close.

It was time to pull herself together, get
dressed, and deal with this mess.

GIVEAWAY:  Helen Scott Taylor has offered to provide a copy to one person.  For this giveaway, I want to know your favorite family memory.  Please make sure you leave a valid email for Ms. Taylor to send your book to, if you are the winner. 
Sarah’s Review

to Helen Scott Taylor for providing us with a copy of her newest Christmas
story.  I had found one on my kindle when
I was looking for Christmas romances and when I let her know that I was looking
for the media kit, she let me know that she had this one. 
story was such a sweet romance with a touch of heart break.  Rachel and Ian have a history and when there
is an emergency, Ian is the one that Rachel’s father calls to rescue her and
Toby, her son.  Ian used to work for
Rachel’s father and when he called, he goes to help. 

What happens when a tree comes down during a
storm and you get the one thing you never thought you would get?  What happens when the past threatens the new
happiness?  Oh, this wonderful journey to
finding a family together.

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