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REVIEW: Micah & Mrs. Miller (Fevered Hearts) by Heather Long

Micah & Mrs. Miller 
Fevered Hearts #3

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“Don’t miss these men of the old west!” – For the Love of Reading

“If you love westerns AND the supernatural, you’ll want to pick up this book.” – Romancing Rakes

When the spirit fever struck a town, a village or an
outpost, it left few if any survivors. The white man blamed the Indian
saying they used their mojo on them.  The Indians blamed the white man
for angering the spirits.  The survivors knew it didn’t matter.  The
Fevered were forever changed.

A job that needs to be done…

With his older brother Sam preoccupied by the upcoming birth of his
child and younger brother Kid recovering from his injuries, Micah Kane
has never been so busy—too busy to go to San Antonio and escort home the
new schoolteacher—but what his father wants, his father gets. Busy or
not, one look at the exotic beauty with her rich European accent and he
can’t think of anything else.

A woman on the run…

Josephine Miller entered an arranged marriage on good faith. One year
of misery later, she discovered a horrifying secret about her husband
and fled west.  Becoming a schoolteacher in a small Texas town seemed
like the perfect way to disappear but Micah’s touch awakens a desperate
desire that she finds herself helpless to resist.

Darkness, danger and death lurking on the horizon…

An outbreak of the spirit fever, dangerous strangers in town and wild
accidents at the Flying K threatening everything they care about, Micah
must convince Jo that she doesn’t have to run—together they can stand
against any storm.

His code. Her secret. Their war.

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Adri’s Review: 

If you have been following the blog you know that I have
completely fallen in love with Heather Long’s Fevered Heart Series, and Micah
and Mrs. Miller is the third book in the set. 

It’s been a few months since Micah left with the Fevered men
in search of Kid and Cody. They have returned with their family and Cody’s mate
Mariska in tow. Family is also growing, with Scarlett and Sam expecting their
first child. In light of all this Jebadiah Kane has decided that building a
school house and hiring a teacher would benefit all the families on the ranch.
Only thing is this teacher has a secret of her own. 

Josephine Miller is running, she is hiding and praying that
her past doesn’t find her. But what is it she is hiding? And how will she cope
coming from the busy city in New York to the sparsely populated Dorado. She is
so nervous when she first arrives in San Antonio. Lucky for her Micah Kane has
been put in charge to pick her up and deliver her to the ranch. Only she didn’t
know that unknowingly her past had found her.

Once again Heather Long has done a wonderful job of
transporting us to the world where people have been able to survive a fever
that annihilates whole towns are left with powers. She gives us more
information on each of the Fevered abilities, but also opens up a whole slew of
new questions.

The characters and town we’ve come to love over the two
previous book s are suddenly put in danger. There are others out there in the
world who are trying hunt and capture the Fevered. They don’t have the most
honest intentions, and as a result man innocents are hurt. 

I have to say that I cried big, fat, ugly, sobbing tears
reading this book, especially when I thought certain things would take place.
The way this series and this book is written makes you fall in love with each
and every character. It immerses you so deeply that you feel what is happening
to the characters is happening to a member of your own family.

I’ve comment at Heather in length as I was reading the book
on how I felt and things I thought were going to happen… and she explained that
this book is a turning point… So I look forward to seeing what that turning
point is and how it will translate to the other books in the future. 

My review for A Fistful of Dreams will show up on the blog
soon enough… As soon as I finish posting this review I will be diving right
into that one… Enjoy.


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