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REVIEW: Momentum by Cassandra Carr-Buckin Bull Riders Series Book 3

Marco D’Allesandro has a destiny he wants no part of-running his
family’s olive oil empire. He’s the oldest son and has been groomed for
the job since he was a child. But after attending a professional bull
riding event, Marco is hooked.
Against his family’s wishes, he moves to America to pursue his
dream of becoming a professional bull rider. Now he’s at the pinnacle of
his career, but his family makes it clear it’s time he did the
responsible thing and came home. They view his bull riding as a lark,
rather than Marco’s chosen profession, and no matter how much success he
enjoys, he can’t change his family’s opinion.
Things only get more complicated when he meets Natalie Webster, a
blonde-haired, blue-eyed angel who’s got problems of her own. Their
chemistry is explosive from the beginning, but Natalie’s situation in
life and Marco’s continued battle with his family threaten to tear them
apart. Neither of them was looking for love, but might have found their
true destiny in each other.

  Marco grinned. “I don’t eat breakfast, cara. Coffee is fine for me, so eat whatever looks good.”
Her mouth fell open and she was sure she looked like a total idiot, but
she couldn’t help it. “You don’t even eat breakfast and you ordered all
this food?”
Marco looked at the food on the tray. “You have a long drive. I wanted
you to have something you would like to start out the day. Why is that
“Because.” She gestured toward the food. “You’re wasting food and you’re wasting money.”
He gave another negligent shrug. “Mio padre won’t even notice.” How
could he have such a cavalier attitude about money, especially when it
wasn’t even his money?
“That doesn’t mean you should waste his money.”
Marco approached her and touched her arm. “Cara, what is the matter?”
Natalie felt the hot blush travel from her chest into her face. “I
just…” She stopped and started again. “You don’t know how lucky you are
to have parents who are still around to love you and take care of you.”
Marco snorted. “Lucky? I am lucky to have a padre who practically has a
second job nagging me about my duty to my family as the oldest son?”
“At least you have a father, and one who’s loaded at that.”
“I don’t care about his money.”
“It’s paying for you to be over here, isn’t it?” Natalie knew she had no
right to pry, but Marco’s attitude toward his family made her see red
and she couldn’t stop herself. “So what is this bull riding thing to
you? One big, long joyride?” Picking up the Eggs Benedict, she took a
large bite and swiped her hand over the corner of her mouth before
locating a napkin and repeating the motion.
“It is what it is,” he answered, and turned away to pour a cup of coffee. Holding up the pot, he asked, “Do you want some?”
“No, thank you.”
“There’s orange juice and tea on the tray if you’d prefer one of those.”
“Of course there is,” she murmured and then took another bite of her
breakfast. Eyeing the various plates, she wondered what she could fit
into her belly in an expeditious manner so she could leave as soon as
possible. His back was to her again and it was obvious he wanted her
gone. Marco walked into the bedroom without another word, taking his
coffee with him, and Natalie grabbed her purse, glad she’d decided to
use one so large. She had an empty plastic grocery bag inside and she
dumped the pancakes and eggs into it and then tied it closed.
After grabbing a couple of the cloth napkins, she wrapped the remainder
of her Eggs Benedict in one and the pastries into another. She felt
guilty stealing the napkins, but she just couldn’t let all this good
food go to waste, especially not when she was watching every dime.
She shoved everything into her purse and then grabbed the suitcase she’d
wheeled next to the door to the bedroom and was almost out the door
when a hand shot out, blocking her exit. Natalie started, unable to
believe she hadn’t even noticed him behind her in her haste to flee.
Marco leaned into her, and she shuddered. “Where are you going?” His
Italian accent wrapped around her as if it were the finest silk, and she
had to take a couple of breaths before she could answer. All that did
was bring that pure masculine smell to her nostrils again. Closing her
eyes, she prayed for fortitude.
“I-I wanted to get out of your way,” she stammered.
“So you thought you would just leave without even saying goodbye?” With
his other hand, he turned her to face him, pushing into her personal
space even more until her breasts brushed his chest. “That’s not very
nice.” He lowered his head and ran the very tip of his tongue along her
jaw to her ear, where he whispered, “You will make me think you don’t
like me, when it is obvious from your eyes and actions that you do.”
“I-I don’t like you.” He chuckled and she cursed the needy tone of her
voice. “I mean, I appreciate you buying me dinner last night and letting
me stay here, but that’s it.”
“Are you sure about that? Because you are trembling, cara.”
“I know. You aren’t interested in me that way. But I don’t believe you.
Let’s have a test. If you don’t like me you won’t respond to my kiss.”
He swooped in, covering her lips with his, and she gasped. Marco took
the opportunity to press his tongue into her mouth. She’d never been a
big fan of coffee but his taste was positively intoxicating and she knew
she’d lost the battle as she moaned and leaned into him.
Marco moved even closer, pressing her against the door and letting her
feel his unmistakable arousal. After another bone-melting kiss he pulled
away and she found herself demanding, “Don’t stop.”
His eyes flared and his accent thickened as he said, “I never want to
stop kissing you, tesora. Ah, my treasure.” Plunging his hands into her
hair, he tilted her head and came at her again. Natalie’s breasts
tightened and she had to force herself to breathe as his tongue moved in
and out of her mouth in an her. His hands moved down to cup her ass and
lift her pelvis to fit it to his groin. “Tell me you want me,” he got
out around clenched teeth as he stared at her, blatant awareness
flashing in his eyes.
She couldn’t lie. Not after the way she’d returned his kiss, just as he’d said she would, damn him. “I want you.”

Erin’s Review:  
 This has to be the hottest of the series so far. These Italian bull riders sure are something! Marco is strong, sensitive and very Italian. What some could perceive as being overbearing, is just the protective Italian in him. He isn’t your typical rich boy, he honestly doesn’t want his father’s money. He wants to make his own mark in the world. The relationship between him and his brother is envious. They stick by each other through thick and thin and Marco is the clear leader between the two.
 Natalie is trying to make it on her own after her father’s death and is having a hell of a time doing so. She is following the bull riders getting advice so she can try out for the women’s team. But one thing after another just keeps happening to poor Natalie. From a crappy car, to not enough money for hotels, the poor girl just can’t seem to catch a break. Until Marco….
 She would love nothing more than to lean on him but her pride tells her no. She is determined to do it alone and Marco is just as determined not to let her. His reputation for being a rich playboy proceeds him and she will not be one of his playthings. Marco admits he enjoys the company of a beautiful woman, just not to the extent everyone thinks he does. There’s something about Natalie that brings out his protective side. He just has to .prove to her that money means nothing and she means everything.
 I thought after Brady and Leah, I wouldn’t have another favorite couple then BAM! Here’s Marco and Natalie. Natalie is so real. Marco is so sweet…..and hot. Hot definitely helps 🙂 Their chemistry is very real and together they sizzle. You will fall in love with these two, I guarantee it. 
                  Amare non è solo guardarsi l’un l’altro, ma guardare insieme nella stessa direzione

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