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REVIEW: The Blog Affair by Alissa Baxter

The Blog Affair
Alissa Baxter
white, South African Emma Bradshaw has a pattern of falling for unsuitable men
and starts a blog about these so-called “serial datists”. Her search for new
beginnings takes her to Cape Town, where she gets a job working for sexy
author, Nick Reynolds. Romance with her boss is a no-no, but slowly, Nick works
his way around her defenses. Trust him, or not, especially with her awful track
record with men?
an anonymous male reader of the blog challenges her on her ideas about the male
species, Emma realises she must confront her past and find her true self before
she can move forward…and love can blossom again in her future.
Book Title The Blog Affair
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About the Author:
Alissa Baxter was born in South Africa, and grew up with her nose in a
book on a poultry and cattle farm. After school and university, where she
majored in Political Science and French, she published her first novel, The
Dashing Debutante
Alissa travelled to London, England, and did an odd assortment of jobs
while researching her second novel, Lord Fenmore’s Wager, which she
wrote after she moved back to South Africa and settled in Durban. Alissa then
relocated to Cape Town where she wrote her third novel, Send and
, before moving to Johannesburg, where she currently lives
with her husband and son.
Contact Details:
the following excerpt for
Damn him. Damn him. Damn him. Like a bad apple, he just had to pop up in her
new home. She’d left Durban to escape him, and here he was, back again,
tormenting her as ever. Awful enough that memories of him were with her all the
time, without him turning up in the flesh. And what flesh it was….
“You had a good time in Italy?” she inquired.
Phil nodded.
“Great. Well, I have things to do. Bye.”
“Running away, Em?”
Emma, who had starting walking toward the door,
stopped in her tracks and turned around. “I’ve moved on, Phil.”
“You mean you’ve moved away. You haven’t
moved on.”
“What makes you so sure?”
Phil gazed into her eyes before looking down at
her mouth, and Emma swallowed hard. He always made her insides twist into
knots, and the fact she couldn’t bear to be in the same room with him for even
five minutes clearly showed she hadn’t moved on.
She had to put him behind her, though, and stop
allowing him to upset her equilibrium to the degree he did.
But as she studied his once-loved face, she let
out a tiny sigh. How did you just move on and forget someone? Especially when
you’d once believed that someone was the love of your life?
She stood immobile for a long moment. Then,
without a word, she turned around again and walked out of the room.
Adri’s Review:
Emma decides to write a blog to help her express herself and her feeling
over men and relationships in general. Needing an escape Emma’s digsmate
suggest she interviews for a new job with a man that she would categorize as a “bee”.
The type of man she speaks about in her blog. But she never expects that a man
would comment and challenge her. One that makes her look at herself and decide
if her posts are really as unbiased as she thinks they are.
I found the posts to be fun, and the characters banter with her
commenter witty and fun. I also thought that some of her descriptions of “serial
datists” was pretty spot on. Another thing I enjoyed about the book was the
fact that Emma isn’t afraid to stand up for herself when the need is there.
But even though I enjoyed the overall feel of the book, there were
things that I thought left much to be desired. I feel that the book introduced
us to a few supporting characters, but didn’t give us a resolution to what
happens in their life, where when you think of it from a real world aspect
makes sense, but one of the reasons people escape to books is to get that HEA
of all characters. I also felt that the end of the book left you on a bit of a
cliff hanger… We never really find out what happened between Nick and Emma, or
what her decision was.
I wish I could give the book a fully happy review but felt it was
important to be honest about my feelings on it.
Happy Reading… Adri  

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