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REVIEW: Turnaround by Cassandra Carr

Cassandra Carr
Series: Red Hot Valentine
Length: 12k
Publication date: 1/18/14
Publisher: C-Squared Publishing
Genre: Contemp romance
Price: .99

and James don’t date. Both are in their thirties and neither has found
anyone they feel is potential spouse material. Becca attends a “We Hate
Valentine’s Day” party at a local bar where James is bartending. He
knows from the first day they meet that Becca is someone special, but
Becca’s more cautious. James sets out to prove to Becca there really are

Sarah’s Review: 
Thanks to Cassandra Carr for giving me the chance to read this as an ARC.  This story didn’t disappoint in anyway.  After reading this, I sent Cassandra this message:

I had to laugh because I despise Valentine’s Day! Completely despise it!
 Honestly, I truly do.   I have never been a fan of it.  I have been told that I don’t like it is because I am always single.  Personally, I believe if you can’t tell your significant other you love them daily, then V-Day is just another way to spend money on things that people don’t want or need. 

Anyway, I fell in love with James and Becca during the midst of a blizzard that was happening in Buffalo.  The steaminess of this story made the negative temps that much more bearable since I was in the comfort of my own home.  

I would love to attend one of these “We hate Valentine’s Day” parties. 

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