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Soap Dreams by Stephanie Haefner

Soap Dreams by Stephanie Haefner

Soap Dreams by Stephanie Haefner

It’s never too late to start over.

Robyn Miller is perfectly happy in her immaculate home, playing
stay-at-home mom and devoted wife. That is, until she’s channel surfing
one day and sees her high school sweetheart Derek, acting in a lead role
in her favorite old soap. Watching Derek’s show becomes her secret
pleasure…and brings back memories best forgotten. When Derek’s mother
throws him a big celebration in town, Robyn tries to avoid seeing him,
but ends up in his arms for a dance.

Derek has finally hit the big-time, but he hasn’t found happiness. He
regrets losing Robyn, and his show’s ratings are falling. He longs to
get her back in his life–both personally, and as a writer on the show.
Those love scenes she used to dream up were Emmy material. Knowing her
marriage is a sham, can he convince her to follow her dreams and give
the show–and him–a shot?

A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance

Sarah’s Review:

I recently became aware of a few WNY authors thanks to connecting with other WNY authors.  I decided to read this one because it was short and something that caught my attention.  It took me a couple days longer than I thought it would to actually read it because of Memorial Day weekend plans.  I finally had the chance to finish it this morning (5/29/13).  

 I enjoyed reading romances that reconnect high school loves.  When we are kids in high school and preparing to go off to college, we do stupid things and make stupid decisions.  I love seeing the couple get a second chance.  This story gives us that plus more. 

I loved Robyn’s strength when she finally decided follow her dreams.  I love that she stood up to her scum of a husband (I really didn’t like him) and told him that she wanted a divorce.  I love that she had her best friend that help encourage her to follow her dreams, even when she didn’t at first because of Derek. 

Derek is a local boy turned daytime actor.  Derek returns home to convince Robyn to come to NY and write for his show since the writers haven’t been doing a good job.  I loved that Derek didn’t give up on convincing Robyn to follow her dreams. 

I enjoyed reading this little story!  I will be reading more by Stephanie Haefner as soon as I get a break with school! 

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