DOUBLE COVER REVEAL: Wayward Soul & Wayward Beginning by K. Renee

Wayward Soul & Wayward Beginning
Cover Reveal
by K.
Wayward Soul
Book 2 in the Wayward Saints MC Series
Front Cover Photo: © olly – Fotolia.com 
Back Cover Photo: © adrenalinapura – Fotolia.com
Cover Design: KLa Boutique
Can two
broken people put each other back together again?
Stewart has spent her high school years being picked on and never being enough
for her parents. Starting college in Seattle is the opportunity she has been
waiting for to shed her old image and create a new one. Casey is on the path to
destruction. In a year, she has gone from the loner to the wild child. Can she
be saved before she destroys herself?
“Gunner” Foster had a tough childhood. When his aunt and uncle step
in and move him and his mom to Vegas, Gunner is finally able to be a kid again.
Growing up with the VP of the Wayward Saints MC in Las Vegas, Gunner knew he wanted
to be the some kind of man his uncle is. Dependable. Loyal. Fierce. With
retaliation on his mind, can he stay true to himself and the first girl he’s
ever cared about?
Wayward Beginning


Book 3 in the Wayward Saints MC Series
Cover Photo by Shauna Kruse of Kruse Images and Photography: Models and Boudoir
Front Cover Model: Stephen Hughes-Landers https://www.facebook.com/StephenHughesLanders
Back Cover Model photo: Dollar Photo Stock
Cover Design: KLa Boutique



Davoli has had his share of heartache and problems. No one ever said that being
the President of the Wayward Saints would be a cake walk. After losing his wife
to a rival club drive by and his daughter to her selfish mother, Cason vowed to
never get close to another woman. The minute the sassy lawyer walked into his
bar, he knew he was in for trouble. 
Reid has strived to be the best lawyer she could be. At thirty-two, she’s
finally happy with her career. The only thing she is missing is a love life,
not that she would admit to it. The moment she walks into the Wayward Tavern,
she knows her new clients are going to be trouble. One look at the Wayward
Saints president and she’s hooked. 
Cason show Henley how to unwind and have some fun?
Henley be able to prove that she’s nothing like is ex Selena? 
About K. Renee
K. Renee is from sunny, California. Creative by
nature, she decided to put her imagination to paper. K. Renee is an avid
reader. During the day she works in an office and at night she writes. These
stories have been in her head for years and are finally coming out on paper.

I started writing this year, but I’ve loved writing since I was young. I
started this series because this story wouldn’t get out of my head, no matter
what I did. I’m 26 years old. I typically write in my free time or on my lunch break
at work. I work full time and I try and go to the gym every day. I read all the
time and have hundreds of books that I can’t wait to start on still.

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