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Shattered Vows
by Linda LaRoque



A mother, confronted with her husband’s infidelity, must decide whether to help raise his child or end her marriage.

Annie and Stuart Rayburn have loved each other since high school. Their life is idyllic until their baby dies of SIDS, and Annie falls into a deep depression. Months of therapy help her recover, and they look forward to another child sometime in their future.

Despite his own grief Stuart tries to comfort Annie, yet when he reaches for her in the night, his advances are rebuffed. In a moment of weakness, he turns to another woman. Stu learns his night of infidelity produced a baby girl. The mother died in a car crash, and her will gives Stu custody.

Stu can’t deny the child is his, and he’s determined to raise her. He begs Annie’s forgiveness. Hurt and angry, Annie must face her demons, decide if she can forgive Stu, and love the innocent child, or divorce him and move on without the only man she’s likely to love.



How had his life taken such a turn? Why couldn’t this baby be his and Annie’s? Because you fool, you were thinking about your needs and not Annie’s. He considered holding off on calling Ralph, their lawyer, but the look in his wife’s eyes said his chance for forgiveness were slim to none. Would he forgive her if the situation were reversed? No. The thought of another man touching her would eat away at him more every day. He’d traded his marriage for sex—a moment’s pleasure.

But he couldn’t give up. He sat up and called home using the motel phone. It rang and rang before the recorder picked up. The generic message greeted him. “You’ve reached Stewart and Annie Rayburn. We can’t answer your call just now. At the beep, leave your name, your number and a brief message, and we’ll get back with you.”

“Annie . . . Annie, please pick up. Can’t we at least talk . . . go to counseling? I love you, Annie, and will to my dying day. If you want me to beg, I’ll . . . ” The recorder beeped and cut him off.

Next he phoned Ralph, the casino’s lawyer and Stu’s good friend.

“Sure, buddy. I have several people I can call.” Their discussion was short, but Ralph promised to have details of Reno’s divorce laws to him by the next morning.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Linda LaRoque is a Texas girl, but the first time she got on a horse, it tossed her in the road dislocating her right shoulder. Forty years passed before she got on another, but it was older, slower, and she was wiser. Plus, her students looked on and it was important to save face.

A retired teacher who loves West Texas, its flora and fauna, and its people, Linda’s stories paint pictures of life, love, and learning set against the raw landscape of ranches and rural communities in Texas and the Midwest. She is a member of RWA, her local chapter of HOTRWA, NTRWA and Texas Mountain Trail Writers.

Linda writes contemporary western romances, time travel romances and futuristic romances. Shattered Vows is her first Inspiration Women’s fiction.

Visit Linda at these locations.

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Buy Links for Shattered Vows:

Smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/490775
Amazon Kindle http://www.amazon.com/Shattered-Vows-Linda-LaRoque-ebook/dp/B00P9UPWO0
Amazon Trade http://www.amazon.com/Shattered-Vows-Linda-LaRoque/dp/1503113752
Barnes and Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/shattered-vows-linda-laroque/1120690782?ean=9781503113756

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