REVIEW: Binding Ties by Katija O

Book: Binding Ties (Majestic Pearls 2)
Author: Katija O
Genre: Contemporary Romance

After a brutal and potentially fatal assault, Mia Tandy finds herself alone and abandoned by not only her true love Nicholas—but possibly the one who truly loves her, Dr. Xavier Young.
In an attempt to help her get her life together, her brother, Peter, and a silent partner set up a small café just for Mia … something she’s always dreamt of. Possibly giving her a new lease on life.
On the other side of town, Nicholas’ father, Reynold, has plans of his own, trying to uncover a long lost secret that’s about to turn, not only his own world around, but causing a rippling effect that will touch Mia and his son Nicholas.
Mia, trying to stay away from the likes of that wealthy world and the negatives that come with it, once again has it all thrown right back in her path when Nicholas returns and the secrets that have been in the past are now in full view, confronting them all.
For both Nicholas and Mia, trying to keep away from each other is proving to be their biggest challenge yet. Once again, obstacles and social status are keeping them apart, but their love for each other is growing day by day.
Will their love be enough to get them through the torment, the lies and the challenges?

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My Review

Binding Ties picks up right where the first book left off. Mia alone, Xavier and Nicolas both gone. Peter, her wonderful brother, helps her make her dreams come true and she opens up the cafe she always wanted to open. Things appear to be looking up for our Mia, and she truly does deserve to be happy. She’s probably one of the sweetest main characters I have ever read. She’s humble, down to Earth and frustratingly sweet.

Let’s not forget the secret. I actually loved this part of the story more than the romance, I know, I’m weird. There’s nothing better than a juicy family secret to intrigue this not so desperate housewife. You can’t ignore the love story either. The two subplots are so intertwined, that made the book. What could be a story of your average girl falling for the wealthy guy was given a lift with the family secret twist. It added an element of suspense that will keep you reading.

The characters are endearing. Rosie is by far, my favorite. I bet her story alone could be a book. Mia and Nicholas are two of the most stubborn main characters I have ever read. You really get a feel for the internal struggles both of them go through throughout the book. The author does a fantastic job putting you in their head.

 Wonderful series with the right combination of romance and mystery.  A solid 4 kisses

Author Bio

Not to stray from the common Author cliché, I loved to read as a child – I actually excelled in reading from a young age. This was definitely to my advantage. In saying that I only enjoyed reading “happily ever after stories.”
As I grew older my pleasures turned to “teen romance stories” with the obvious transition being heavy love stories and of course Jackie Collins’ novels.
Then due to relationship and work commitments my reading all but ceased until my children were at an age where I could steal and hour or two (which then became an hour or four).
A few years ago I discovered the Twilight Saga, this kept my thoroughly entertained for years as I read and re-read numerous times… Enter 50 Shades. I think the fact that these books were written by amateur writers stirred something inside of me.
A few years ago my dear mother passed away, I became really lost —books became my saviour. They took me to a very special place … away from reality. One night I had this dream, it was so vivid in my mind that when I awoke it was fresh and alive. It just kept growing and growing and that’s when Majestic Pearls was born. I’ve not looked back since.
Music is my passion, I love it! Though it needs to be genre’s from the fifties through to the eighties. Everything I do is done to music from my writing through to my housework—it soothes my soul.
I also have full time duties with my husband (fourth child) and our family business and three sons which all keeps me on my toes, there’s never a dull moment around my house.
Living in the beautiful Melbourne Australia, we have an abundance of restaurants and café’s which is my other passion … coffee dates with my wild and wacky high school friends … after thirty plus years we still catch up regularly and have a wild time. All of these people and my large family form my circle … a circle that I love and are thankful to have.

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Book 1 Majestic Pearls


Some believe in fate others not so …
Who would think that a simple car accident could determine someone’s destiny?
But when Mia Tandy meets Nicholas Devlin their world’s are changed.
Falling in love should be simple, should be natural and joyous but, as they are from different world’s, there are many obstacles thrown in their way.
There is one thing that no one can control and that is undying love. Fate has brought these two together, and class is keeping them apart.
What they don’t realize is … they are somehow connected.
One person holds the piece to this puzzle.
A secret from yesteryear and a certain string of pearls holds the key. These secrets not only are the key to a old romance but a key to their destiny.
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