REVIEW: Expecting the Earl’s Baby by Jessica Gilmore

Expecting the Earls Baby


Claiming his heir!

It was the most incredible night of her life, but Daisy Huntingdon-Cross never expected to see her Valentine fling again. Except six weeks later Daisy’s world is turned upside down—she’s pregnant! She just needs to tell the father…

Yet the man she knew as “Seb” has a few revelations of his own. He’s Sebastian Beresford, Earl of Holgate—he doesn’t just work at Hawksley Castle, where they met, he owns it! And with Daisy’s news, Seb’s determined to claim his heir…starting with a wedding!

As always first and foremost a thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin for providing us with a copy of this book so that we could bring you this review.
Ok to me this was a modern day English aristocrat love story. Two people have one of the most passionate nights of their lives only to part the next morning. Only thing is that life had decided to give them a little surprise to remember their time together. And like any good man of honor Sebastian knows he needs to step up and take care of his responsibility. Now to get it to work nicely and not get all messy with emotions. But we all know nothing ever works out the way we think its going to. One problem is that Daisy doesn’t want to get married out of obligation, but because of her own past she is willing to put her child’s needs before her own desire of love. She knows what is best for her and her baby, and that is to marry the Earl, even if all he sees their relationship as is a contract of sorts.
See but that is the thing, you can never just be with someone and not develop feelings for them. You can’t just have passion with out more being behind it… Well at least that is what Sebastian learns in the time it takes for them to put the wedding together.
I really enjoyed this book, the only hiccup I found in it is that because it does take place in England some of the words and ways of speaking felt wrong to me. Not saying they were, very much the opposite, they were very right for the setting… Just to my American brain they felt strange.
I give this book 4 very sweet kisses…
Happy Reading… Adri

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