REVIEW: Love on the Slopes by Amy Manemann

Love on the Slopes


“Sweet and sensual romance at its best. A must read!” New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster

Jessa Hartley is haunted by memories of the night she threw herself at her childhood crush, Dominic DeRenzi – and he turned her away. Years later, Jessa has managed to put the past behind her and climb up the ranks as head instructor of the ski lodge she one day hopes to purchase. Only her plans take a nosedive when the smooth talking Italian shows back up in town. Even worse, he’s planning on purchasing HER lodge.

After surviving a disastrous marriage, Dominic DeRenzi returns to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, hoping to make a fresh start for him and his six year old son by purchasing the old ski lodge. Until a chance encounter with Jessa Hartley throws his well laid plans off track. The once innocent girl from his childhood has grown into the beautiful woman he always knew she would become, and he is painfully reminded of the night he over stepped his bounds and kissed her. Then broke her heart by sending her away.

Rekindling the flames of their past isn’t part of the plan, yet Dominic and Jessa soon find they’re helpless to stop the fire that burns brightly between them. He broke her heart the first time he left, but can he make her see this time around he’s here to stay.

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I would first off like to thank Amy Manemann for providing us with a copy of this book so that we could bring you this review.

Awe… Yeah its one of those so sweet, so beautiful, so wonderful. Love on the Slopes is a contemporary second chance love story, but I say it has a small sweet twist. That small sweet twist comes wrapped in the cuteness of a 6 year old little boy name Dante. Jessa is a character with so much heart and love. She loves and does for everyone and deserves her chance at love and happiness. Dom is a man who has lots of potential to give as much love as possible but life and others have made it very difficult for him to show that love. Again what brings out the love in both of these characters the most is that little sweet boy. Dante is Dom’s son, and you can tell he worships the ground his father walks on. Its so amazing to see that love and dedication from both of them. The rest of Jessa’s family and best friend Lucy are also great characters and look forward to finding out what happens with them in future books.

I give this book 5 sweet kisses. 

Happy Reading… Adri


Love on the Slopes Review:

I want to thank Melissa Foster for helping to promote Amy Manemann on Facebook because I would have never found this author or this book.  For once, Facebook was a great asset in finding a book to fall in love with!

If you have been following our blog for any length of time, you will know that I love second chance romances.  There is something about couples getting a second chance at love, especially when they couples involve a high school sweetheart type of romance.  Sometimes, people need to grow up and when they reconnect as adults, you find that time made the lovestronger and that the time apart was what was necessary to get to the point where a couple can have a happy ending.

This is certainly the case with Jessa and Dominic.  What Jessa didn’t know was that Dominic had no choice in leaving the area after high school, but he never told Jessa why he had to leave.   Jessa was blindsided by Dominic’s reappearance in Jackson Hole and the things that come to light when he does appear.

I love how Jessa and Dominic had to work through issues that each of them had but still found a way to regain the love that they had before their split.   When the past came crawling back and attempted to make flip Dominic’s life upside down, Jessa misunderstood the entire situation.  They had to work through what happened, from both perspectives.

I can’t wait to see what happens with the other characters, namely Jessa’s siblings, and sneak peaks into the future with Jessa and Dominic.

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  1. Ladies, thank you so much for reading and reviewing Love on the Slopes! I’m so happy you enjoyed Dom and Jessa’s story, and I can’t wait to share the rest of the family with you. Have a wonderful weekend!! Xox Amy

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