REVIEW: The Professor’s Secret by Katie Devoe

Book: The Professor’s Secret

Author: Katie Devoe
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Natasha Carson’s life is perfect. She’s a respected novelist, the youngest fiction professor at a prestigious university, and every night she comes home to the perfect man who absolutely adores her. There’s only one problem. No one, not even her boyfriend, knows that she pens bestselling BDSM erotica in secret. And that’s exactly how she wants to keep it.
Then Adam LaRue enters Natasha’s classroom and her life, threatening everything. The gorgeous grad student isn’t just a kinky temptation – he knows her secret. And makes it clear that one way or another, he’ll have her in his bed.
As she watches her life crumble around her, Natasha must ask herself, Is it really as perfect as everyone believes?
The Professor’s Secret is an erotic tale of self-discovery and what happens when the line between fiction and reality blurs.
My Review
This book is HOT! Instead of the conventional professor seduces student troupe, this story sets itself apart from the fray with a new spin….female professor with the secret life of an erotic romance novelist.  Oh but the story is so much more! You will quickly get caught up in Natasha’s world and empathize with her. She truly is torn between two lives and struggling to keep them separate.
For me, each man represents something different. Christopher is  the epitome of stability.  Stable job, stable home, he’s very….conventional. Then there’s Adam. He is the unknown. He’s the secret part of you that you don’t show the public. He’s skydiving when you think you prefer your feet planted firmly on the ground.
I went back and forth between who I wanted her to choose. Stability isn’t a bad thing, yet neither is venturing to parts unknown.  This book is less about the two men though, and more about a journey of self discovery.  The question begs, is one willing to risk it all knowing you might lose it all, or do you stay in the comforts of the known?
I loved this book, and the characters in it. Natasha is strong and complex, I like that. She’s certainly not one dimensional. Which door will she choose? I’m not going to tell you that. All I will say is, I need there to be a second book, like yesterday.
5 kisses from me!  

Author Bio

Katie Devoe grew up in New York City and has lived in Los Angeles, Madrid, and Barcelona. She’s worked as a barista, bookseller, cheese-maker and organic farmer. Her idea of a dream day is curled up in a cozy sweater, drinking Fortnum & Mason tea, and reading.

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