REVIEW: Just One Lie (Just One Night #2) by Kyra Davis



 In the instant international sensation Just One Night, sensible Kasie Fitzgerald unleashed her passions—and found herself—through an explosive affair. In Just One Lie, we meet Kasie’s wild and tortured sister, whose impulsivity and lack of self-control has set off a chain of events that changes her family forever.
Melody Fitzgerald is the opposite of the “perfect” daughter. The lead singer of an indie rock band, she is impulsive and creative, with a rebellious streak that both defines her and becomes her greatest enemy. Her lover, the enticing and unpredictable Ash, shares her free spirit and penchant for trouble. On the face of it, he seems to be her perfect match.

So why is she so drawn to her soft spoken, reliable drummer, Brad Witmer? How can a man who wears polo shirts and reads the financial section of the paper be of any interest to her at all? And why on earth does someone like that appear to be so captivated by her?

Before she knows it, Melody finds herself on a path of self-discovery, passion, and affairs of the heart. But will a dark secret from her past derail it all? Or will its exposure be the very thing that unburdens her heart and allows her to seek a future with the one man who loves her completely?

This book is one hell of an emotional roller coaster. Mercy is one of those characters that will make you feel. Anger, sadness, frustration, hope, happy…no, I’m not bipolar, this is how I felt about Mercy.  If ever a character broke the mold of the “perfect daughter” it was Mercy. Born Melody Fitzgerald, she had expectations to uphold. An image to maintain. Too bad she didn’t fit in to her father’s perfect little world. That part of the story broke my heart.  She truly was cast aside. I am not sure if I would say she overcome this part of her past, for she was her own worst enemy more times than not. Self destructive behavior, poor choices, a devil may care attitude, a recipe for disaster for Mercy.
Ash. I have a love/hate relationship with him. I wanted to adore him, I truly did. Everyone loves a reformed badboy.The only problem is, can Ash be truly reformed? Does he WANT to be reformed? He is a paradox. On the fringe, yet he wants to be included among the Hollywood elite.  I thought of him as the lovable tabloid king that you want to see make something of himself. He and Mercy together are electric. He is a magnet and she can’t stay away. No matter how hard she tries, she keeps going back. It’s toxic, it’s riddled with heartbreak, but their love story is one Mercy craves.
Brad. I fell in love with him from the first time we meet him. He is everything Mercy SHOULD want, but doesn’t. He is stable, has goals, everything that a girl looks for. The attraction is there, but sometimes the good guy might just be TOO good.
I absolutely love love triangles, and this one is at the top of my list. It’s like Ash and Brad represent the past and the present. Mercy’s choice is more involved than just a boyfriend, it’s where she wants her life to go. Ash, believe it or not, to her is what she knows. He’s comfortable. He’s part of her scene and that she understands. Brad, on the other hand, makes her feel things she is afraid to feel.  He can give her things Ash can’t, but she doesn’t feel worthy. Her past holds her back. She can’t let herself feel this way, she can’t let Brad make her feel this way. They say humans are creatures of habit. Mercy is a perfect example.
The story is hard to read sometimes. It’s gritty and at times, dark. Not everything is wrapped up in a pretty bow. That isn’t who these characters are. These are characters who are dealing with some pretty heavy issues and you are along for the bump ride.
Filled with angst, emotion and a love triangle? This is my kind of book, and for that reason, I give Just One Lie 5 kisses.
Kyra Davis is the New York Times bestselling author of Just One Night, the Pure Sin series, the critically acclaimed Sophie Katz mystery series, and the novel So Much for My Happy Ending. Now a full-time author and television writer, Kyra lives in the Los Angeles area with her son, their leopard gecko, and their lovably quirky Labrador, Sophie Dogz. Visit her online at or follow her @_KyraDavis.

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