REVIEW: Emergence (Awakening Series #2) by Olivia Hayes


Book: Emergence
Author: Olivia Hayes
Genre: Erotic Romance

Releases: 8th September

Carson Foster has always been a lady’s man, sweet talking his way into panties night after night. He was a love ’em and leave ’em kind of guy until a raven haired beauty walked into his life, rocks his world, and disappears before morning. After fruitlessly searching for her and reeling from a taste of his own medicine, Carson decides to clean up his act and change his ways.

Sneaking away from her unfaithful and emotionally abusive husband for a night to interview for a new job, Louise Evans meets a sexy, sandy haired stranger, who gives her a glimpse of everything she’s been missing. Now, after landing her dream job, divorcing her bastard of a husband, moving to a new city, and unexpectedly becoming a mother, Lou is more determined than ever to get her life on the right path.

When Carson and Lou suddenly come face to face the recognition is immediate and the sparks fly. While they are both willing to forgive each other for their past deceptions, Lou is still hiding a secret so big it threatens to destroy the very foundation of their new relationship. When past and present collide and the truth is revealed, will everything be torn apart or will their love for one another be enough to withstand destruction?

She cocked her eyebrow at me. “So you don’t like the kind of women who don’t speak their minds and prefer quiet missionary sex that’s all about the man and never about the woman?”
I laughed out loud and her eyes sparkled. “Definitely not,” I said, picking up my drink off the bar and taking a sip. “To a man like me, watching a woman come undone underneath me is the greatest pleasure there is.”

She swallowed visibly. “Good answer,” she said with a smirk. “I could use a man like you.” 

My Review
Carson and Lou. I love these two. From the beginning they have this spark that only two people who are meant to be together would have.
He is witty, flirty, sexy and everything that Lou didn’t have. She was flirtatious, sassy and for the first time in her life, did something just for her. Too bad it only lasted one night.
Their reconnection picked up right where they left off. I liked that. Of course there were some questions, but it fit their story well that things moved fast for them.
Olivia Hayes did a marvelous job at this second chance love story. The characters were easy to relate to, their story was steamy, sweet and just perfect for them. Lou is quite the lady to get away from her jerk of a  husband and stay away.  I will say though, her sister made me so angry, but she was true to character. Naivety and false hope happens all too often, I was glad that Lou was stronger. She deserves to be happy.  Carson is so sweet. It’s so easy to see him as the play boy but also as the guy who fell in love with a woman after one night. There’s something special about him. At times, he seemed much older than what he was, but that comes with maturity. He certainly isn’t your rich, millionaire playboy type, that’s for sure. The supporting characters are just as developed as the main characters. I liked that they didn’t overshadow the main story. I hated to see the story end, that’s how much I liked Carson and Lou.
I give Emergence 4 steamy kisses  and I cannot wait to see what’s next from Olivia Hayes
Author Bio

Olivia Hayes is a native of Savannah, Georgia and now lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her loving husband and two children. With her southern roots, Olivia dreamt of one day writing books with the backdrop of coastal Georgia and South Carolina. When she’s not reading, writing, or working her day job, Olivia enjoys spending time entertaining friends and family.

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