REVIEW: For Cam (Chicago Syndicate #4) by Soraya Naomi

For Cam Ebook Cover

Title: For Cam

Series: Chicago Syndicate #4

Author: Soraya Naomi

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mafia Romance

Release Date: December 8, 2015




Camilla Guillermo’s life has been turned upside down ever since she joined the Chicago Syndicate and was reunited with Adriano Montesi, the cocky and charismatic Mafia man who captured her heart two years ago. Finally, she has a family that she can depend on and the one man she’s always wanted but who was never truly hers before.

Adriano’s a man on a mission, yet Cam’s magnetic pull toward him doesn’t waver while he’s busy building a new empire. Although as his lustful affair with Cam grows into an undeniable love that neither of them can fight any longer, it also brings numerous conflicting emotions to the surface. Emotions that seep into Adriano’s psyche while he becomes one of the most powerful men in Chicago.

Love within the Mafia is more than complicated; it’s explosive. And now that Adriano and Cam are both members of the Chicago Syndicate, not only has everything changed, but their new roles in their business lives are accompanied with new rules, new players, and new deadly enemies that must be dealt with while they’re still cleaning up the dirt of their past.

From Soraya Naomi, Amazon Bestselling Author of For Fallon and For Luca.

Novel Grounds Semi Annual Literary Awards 2014 winner of Best Breakout Novel For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate, 1).









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My Review

I have to say, For Cam was by far my favorite in the series.  I was intrigued by her character in For Fallon and was so excited when I saw that she got her own story. Plus, we got more Adriano!!

This book, I think, was more gritty than the others. It was action packed and the plot was something worthy of a movie. Twists and turns everywhere! Cam really grew over the last 2 books as well. She is no wilting wall flower. She needs to be right in the middle. She’s stubborn, loyal, and loves fiercely.

Every couple goes through challenges, but none more than Cam and Adriano. Trying to balance a relationship on top of the responsibilities of running the Syndicate can take it’s toll. There were so many layers to this story but it isn’t so intricate that the reader gets lost. Each detail is imperative to the plot line.  It also sets the stage for the next story.

The ending will have you in tears. The frustrated heartache is so real. We also get to see a side of Adriano that we never saw before…vulnerability. If there is one thing that can bring him to his knees, it’s Cam. She not only drops him, she guts him.

The rest of the crew plays their parts as well and it’s always good to catch up with them.

If you love mafia romance, this series should be at the to of your list. The entire series is well written with amazing characters. I give For Cam 5 kisses and cannot WAIT for Logan’s story!!



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I was born in South America in 1984 and raised in Europe where I presently reside with my fiancé.

I read many genres but favor intense, dark, seductive, and provocative novels where the male character loves fiercely, without remorse or boundaries. I also adore forbidden love tales and have an odd fascination with kidnapping romances. No, I don’t secretly want to be kidnapped, though!

I have a passionate obsession with the written word and indulge in chocolate pastries much too often.

My debut novel For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate, #1) was released on July 26, 2014. I’m honored that For Fallon won “Best Breakout Novel 2014” in the Novel Grounds Semi Annual Literary Awards.










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