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I am doing this review a bit different as I am going to be reviewing the entire series in 1 review. And believe me it will be a short review that will not do these books or the author justice, but I have been struggling since late November on how to do it. I sat and read the entire series of books in a matter of days. They were such great books and flowed so well that I was finished with them before I even realized it. And once I started on the first book I just couldn’t stop. They were that addicting.

These books are HOT!!!! HAMWOW PANTIES are needed and a warning that you might combust of how steamy they are. So don’t say I didn’t warn you before hand.

I was lucky enough to have met Ms. Vale at a brunch I’d gone to with another author I love and adore (Kallypso Masters) back in September. She’d told me about her books and said I might enjoy them since I like dominant alpha male characters. I didn’t get a chance to read them until November, just before Thanksgiving when life started to settle after my daughters Quinceanera was over and a lot of my tour reviews had been done. I knew then I could sit and dedicate to reading something outside of my reviews. And remembered my conversation with Ms Vale in September and thought this is the perfect time to see what I think of her books. And let me jus say IM SOOOO GLAD I did sit and read them. Like I mentioned before they are fantastic and I was able to read them so quickly. I’ve been lucky enough that I have gotten to go to another brunch with a readers group and share with Ms Vale how much I enjoyed her books and have even started reading another one of her series. I look forward to getting time to read even more soon. (just need to do my taxes so I can get all her other books).

I guess I should talk a bit about the books now huh. I have bragged a lot on how much I enjoyed them, but let me tell you what makes me like them so much. Sexy cowboy alpha males, for one. Their protectiveness towards their wives and the dynamic of Bridgwater Ranch. Though it is uncommon especially for the time period, the culture that they follow and enjoy living is extraordinary. And so dedicated around loving, caring and protecting their wives. Though the women have a bit of a time at first adjusting to having more than one husband, they quickly lear to not only appreciate but deeply enjoy it. They begin to understand why the men are the way they are.

I give this entire series 5 sexy kisses, and only because I can’t give it more… 

Happy Reading… Adri





Emma James felt secure in her life. Money, social standing and the protection of her step-brother. Or so she thought. When she discovers his dark secrets, he turns on her and sells her to a western brothel to keep her quiet. There, she’s forced to work or participate in an auction. A virgin auction…and she’s the prize.

One look at Emma James and Whitmore Kane and Ian Stewart know she would belong to them. Marriage was the only way to truly claim her…so they bid and bid well. As their bride, they return to the Bridgewater Ranch and teach her the ways to please not one husband, but two. But danger has tracked Ian around the world and threatens their newfound relationship. Together, can they fight the demons of the past while forging a future?

This is the first book in the Bridgewater Ménage Series, where you’ll meet all of the men in Kane and Ian’s army regiment and discover their unusual beliefs on marriage. Read the entire series to follow along as the men, two or three at a time, claim their brides.

Bridgewater: Where ménage meets marriage.

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When Laurel Sinclair’s uncaring father seeks to pawn her off in marriage as part of a business deal, she seeks to avoid her fate by fleeing. But running away in a Montana blizzard proves to be a terrible mistake.

When handsome ranchers Mason and Brody find the stranded redhead next to her injured horse, they take her in and immediately decide to make her theirs, convinced they can convert the beautiful stranger to an unusual arrangement of marrying them both. The Bridgewater way of one woman marrying two husbands is foreign to Laurel, but she soon grows to love the two protective men who awaken her to a world of carnal pleasures she never knew existed.

She grows to love them for their guidance and protection. But will her happiness be threatened by the secret she harbors? Will Mason and Brody still love her if they discover who she is? And what will happen when her scheming father and the cruel man he wanted her to marry finally track her down?

Bridgewater: Where menage meets marriage.

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“When it was three against one, I was always going to be overwhelmed.”

The Bridgewater way of two men marrying one woman is uncommon in the Montana territory. But three men marrying one woman? That is unheard of, especially for beautiful Olivia Weston. Her fate, it seems, will have her married to one man – a man she doesn’t love. But when her betrothed treats her in a cruel manner, she rejects him and not long afterwards catches the eye of three handsome and virile ranchers.

Cross, Rhys and Simon are as different as three men can be. But they have one thing in common; they are determined to offer Olivia the protection of marriage and the promise of endless carnal pleasures. Olivia worries that her instant attraction and hasty agreement to marry three men stems from a defect in her character. What kind of woman not just loves three men, but makes the most intimate parts of herself available to their lustful attention? The chemistry between them is like lightning. Can she deny it? Or will Olivia submit to become the most sated Bridgewater wife in this ongoing ménage series?

Bridgewater: Where menage meets marriage.

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Rebecca Montgomery never expected to leave London and go to the American West, but this was how her brother saves her an impending marriage of convenience. She also never expected her brother to marry her by proxy to a trusted friend before dying on the journey. She quickly discovers that the Montana territory is a far cry from England, and so are the expectations of a wife at Bridgewater Ranch, for she’s married not just to Dashiell, but also to his friend and fellow Scot, Connor MacDonald.

Dashiell McPherson never expected to find himself wed to a woman he’s never met, especially not a prim lady raised to believe her sexuality is something to be repressed rather than enjoyed. Can an inhibited woman accept not just one but two husbands? It will take ample Scottish brash, a fair amount of brawn and plenty of carnal persuasion to free Rebecca of her inhibitions and show her how treasured she is.

This fourth book in the bestselling Bridgewater series continues the saga of this polyandrous Western community where men are men, and their women are pleasured in ways that will have them – and readers – begging for more.

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Allison Travers is in love with two men. Two! Quinn and Porter are both irresistible, and making a choice between them seems impossible. But she fears she’ll lose the chance to decide when a malicious man seeks to force her into marriage with him by spreading rumors painting her as a woman with loose morals.

Quinn and Porter aren’t about to buy the lies. They love Allison, and what’s more, they both want to marry her. Allison, unaware that one woman for two husbands is the way of the Bridgewater men, soon learns of their customs. And she learns something else as well: once they track her down, these two handsome cowboys will never let go of the woman they plan to make their Christmas Bride.

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vanessa valeI’m Vanessa Vale, writer of erotic historical westerns set beneath the big skies of Montana. I live in the Wild West with my husband and two sons. When I’m not teaching a wicked karate class or making dinner with my pressure cooker, I’m writing. I love reading and writing romance so much that besides writing it full time, I run RomCon along with ML Callahan. We plan and organize the romance reader weekend in the United States. Learn more about this amazing con here— RomCon 2016 —and sign up to meet me each September in Denver.

If that weren’t enough, I write under two other pen names, Jennifer Zane and Vanessa Dare. As Jennifer Zane, I’ve written the award winning Gnome Novel Series for those romantic comedy lovers. If you like tons of heat, check out Vanessa’s steamy alter-ego, Vanessa Dare.

Twenty-five things about Vanessa:

  1. I hate eggs. Eggs Benedict, poached, hard boiled, egg salad, deviled…whatever. Gag.
  2. I rode the overnight train from Moscow to St. Petersburg in the dead of winter. It is just as you imagine. Real sheets, overheated compartments, huge samovar, a babushka, snowy night.
  3. I have zero patience. Perhaps less than that. My middle schooler studied negative numbers in math so I know it’s possible to have -8 patience.
  4. I have very curly hair. Very. I wanted to have Princess Diana hair when I was little. Blond and straight. Several decades later, I have grown to embrace the curl.
  5. A cowboy is the stereotypical male that pushes every one of my hot buttons, especially at a rodeo.
  6. I am a third degree black belt in karate and am a blue belt in BJJ. Teaching is humbling. So is starting over.
  7. Favorite big city: London; Favorite island: Kauai; Favorite mountain range: Indian Peaks in Montana
  8. I graduated from art college with a degree in Graphic Design.
  9. I started writing on a dare. I mean, how hard can it be to write romance? Little did I know!
  10. I didn’t start writing until I was thirty.
  11. I lived in Montana for years. That’s why I write about it.
  12. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning that’s half chocolate milk.
  13. I love old Disney movies. Herbie, Escape to Witch Mountain, The Cat From Outer Space. Love them all.
  14. I do not watch TV. At all.
  15. I don’t like candy (Halloween candy is safe from me), but not pies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, banana breads or other yummy desserts.
  16. I am a complete introvert. I am horrendously bad at introducing myself to new people and can’t stand big crowds or parties. If you want to get to know me, take me to a diner for some pie and one-on-one time.
  17. I love to cook with my pressure cooker (it’s the whole -8 patience thing). My favorite is macaroni and cheese.
  18. I can make maple syrup from scratch (tapping the tree and cooking it down).
  19. I am a merit badge counselor for over 10 badges for the Boy Scouts. Sculpture, scuba diving, family life, cooking and art are just a few.
  20. I am a complete control freak. Complete. Ask anyone who’s asked me to help with something.
  21. I am an East Coast driver, meaning I’m aggressive and will run you over, even when I don’t live on the East Coast.
  22. I know how many ounces are in a gallon.
  23. I do all my plotting in the bath tub.
  24. I talk fast. Really, really fast.
  25. I speak French…well enough to talk my way out of ticket in Paris. My French teachers would all be proud.




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