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Set deep in the heart of Texas, bestselling author Kimberly Raye’s sizzling new series proves that men, women, and moonshine make one dangerous combination…

The most infamous moonshiners in Lone Star history, the Tuckers and the Sawyers have been feuding for over a hundred years. Sure, the days of buckshot and bloodshed are long gone, but it’s not over yet. To save the family business, Callie Tucker has to find the recipe for the legendary Texas Thunder moonshine. But first she’ll need to make a devil’s bargain—with a red-hot hellraiser named Brett Sawyer.

A Sawyer through and through, Brett was raised to never trust a Tucker—especially one as pretty as Callie. But desperate times call for desperate measures. With his ranch going bankrupt, Brett agrees to help Callie find the recipe, sell the rights, and split the profits. Of course, it won’t be easy for these two enemies to work together. But it’s even harder to ignore the sparks of attraction—when just one kiss delivers a kick stronger than any swig of moonshine…


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Greetings from Deep in the Heart!

Kimberly rayeI’ve always been an incurable romantic. While I enjoy reading all types of fiction, my favorites, the books that touch my soul, are romance novels. From sexy to thrilling, sweet to humorous, I like them all. But what I really love is writing romance–the hotter the better!

I started my first novel back in high school and have been writing ever since. To date, I’ve published over fifty-five novels, one of them a prestigious RITA award nominee, Romance Writers of America’s highest award of excellence.   I’ve also been nominated for several Romantic Times awards, as well as a career achievement award.

I’ve written for several different publishers, including Harlequin Books, Leisure Books, Berkley/Jove, St. Martin’s Press and Warner Books. Born and bred in the Lone Star State, I still live deep in the heart with my real-life hero, Curt, and our young children.
Like any over-worked, under-appreciated wife and mother, I have very little free time. But when I find a few precious moments, I LOVE to read. Some of my favorite authors include Janet Evanovich, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Charlaine Harris and the exceptionally talented Nina Bangs. Give me a bag of Sugar Babies, a Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan CD, and a great book, and I’m in heaven!  I also love reality TV (our dirty little secret) and can be found watching everything from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo to Teen Mom!  Oh, and have I mentioned I’m a huge Sons of Anarchy fan?  Go Jax!!


Thanks first to St. Martins Press and Netgalley for providing us with a copy of this book so that we could bring you this review.

So this book started really slow for me and I have to admit that I struggled to get through it at first, but I am glad that I stuck to it and continued reading it. Though the content wasn’t really what I’d hoped it was going to be, I am always a sucker for second chance love stories. Callie has had it hard her whole life and has had to stick through and get some things done that at such a young age many wouldn’t have been able to do. She’s had to sacrifice so much for herself and her sisters that when the opportunity comes that she hopes she no longer has to do it she is thrown for a loop. One that kills me that she had to fix by herself. I was happy to see that her sister stepped up, but really none of them should have had to. In my opinion their grandfather was greedy and selfish. Brett on the other hand has had way too much handed to him all his life and would have preferred to live with his head suck a up a bulls behind (since he loves bull riding so much) then face the fact that things are the way that they seem at home. His grandfather who has been so generous and loving is losing the battle he has been fighting with Alzheimer’s. This is one of the things that I think bothered me about Brett, his lack of wanting to face reality, while poor Callie has had it shoved in her face all her life. Though Brett has lots of redeeming qualities and makes up for it big time towards the end, the beginning wasn’t at all what I liked. I think that is why I had so much trouble with the beginning of this book and almost abandoned it a couple of times. Im glad I didn’t though. I loved how things developed between them and how Callie began to grow stronger and go after what she wanted. Of the 2 main characters Callie was definitely my favorite. But like I said Brett did have redeeming qualities and won my affection towards the end. I did end up rooting for him and that he would get his act together and go after Callie.

Because of the struggles I had with Brett’s character and the beginning of this book I give this book 3 drunk kisses…

Happy Reading… Adri

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