Review: Felony Ever After

Felony Ever After


 Helena Hunting , Debra Anastasia Nina Bocci, Vi Keeland , Penelope Ward , Leisa Rayven , Liv Morris , Tijan ,JM Darhower ,Belle Aurora ,KA Robinson ,SM Lumetta ,Katherine Stevens





4 kisses

Where to start.. gahhh! FEA is a great book for anyone who is looking for a comedy to read. I found myself wanting to ditch everyday life to keep reading it! These authors have done an amazing job with the plot and Hudson. Oh me goodness Hudson! That man can come meet me in my dreams any day of the week.

Verity.  That girl. I don’t even know where to start with her. From her hate for Mr. Lay to her love for Hudson. I went from not liking her at all to at some points wishing I was her.


Mr. Lay. Oh me goodness. That dude can go and kick some bricks. His character is questionable at most when the FEA begins and then goes down the drain.

Hudson: The jack of all trades. The man with the most secrets but yet the kindest soul you would ever find. I felt like at first he was the biggest bad boy of them all and then, I may of hated him for a bit. Then I fell in love with him!

I don’t feel like I can go into grave detail of the book with out giving away parts of the plot.

13 amazing authors, 1 book. They each wrote one or more chapters of FEA. There were times I could point out when it was a different authors writing but I feel like it came together almost perfectly.

I cannot wait to see what these amazing ladies put out next.

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