Review: The Billionaire’s Virgin by Jackie Ashenden

Dark, tortured, and intimidating, these dominant billionaires will steal their innocent heroines’ breath away. Overwhelmed by their desire to control their world, they push their heroines to explore their deepest desires. But even the most unworldly of heroines can unlock these billionaires’ secrets.

Xavier De Santis: Disgraced. Ruinous. Playboy

The headlines are always shouting about Xavier’s various excesses, and he’s everything they say he is. But now he’s gone too far, and the black sheep of the De Santis family has been ordered to clean up his image. Volunteering at a homeless shelter, he sees a bright light amidst all the bleakness. An angel whose luminous face and tragic beauty call to him in ways he can’t explain.

Mia: Vulnerable. Homeless. Virgin.

When the shelter Mia calls home closes, she is left with nowhere to go – nowhere except for the luxurious, glorious palace of a home that Xavier De Santis has invited her to stay. This too-handsome billionaire is dark, dangerous – and also too good to be true. But surely Mia can indulge in her fantasies and escape the drudges of her daily life for just one night?

As one night turns into two, Mia knows that eventually, the magic will end and she will have to return to her life of hardship. She can’t keep the beautiful clothes. She can’t keep the soft bed. And most of all, she can’t keep the hard, handsome, brutal man who makes her crave his touch with every breath she takes. Mia doesn’t belong in his world. But as Xavier tempts his rags-to-riches heroine with exquisite pleasure and heady desire, Mia doesn’t stand a chance but to surrender completely to him.

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I would like to thank St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for providing us with a copy of this book so that we could share this review with you.

Well I have to say that so enjoyed the moments that happen between Mia and Xavier at the beginning more than anything. The fact that difference between them is so apparent the fact that something about her bugs Xavier made it even better. I really liked the fact that there was more to Xavier then what we first think. He wants to really live a much simpler life not the kind of life that has been handed to him so far. Also my heart broke for him with his fears of making things worse for Mia. I will say that at one point I so wanted to hurt him. I will say that I would have liked to get to find out more information about Mia. The fact that she didn’t have much information about her own history and life was a bit disappointing. I would have liked to know what happened with her grandmother and her mother. Also what was happening now. So the fact that I was left wanting more information is a reason I give this book the kisses that I do. I really did enjoy though Mia and her positive thinking. The fact that she was always hopeful no matter her situation was so wonderful.

I give this book 4 Hopeful kisses…

Happy Reading… Adri



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