Review: Claim Me Hard by Vanessa Vale

Hiding from a crazy ex-boyfriend, Hannah Winters is determined to keep her head down and her heart locked safely away. Burned out from practicing medicine and dealing with a controlling jerk, her interest in romance is at absolute zero…until they walk in. One look at Cole and Declan and Hannah is going to have a very hard time keeping the ice around her heart from melting.

Declan grew up in Bridgewater, and his job as a police officer means he’s got an instinct for trouble, and Hannah Winters stirs up all kind of feelings he can’t fight. When his friend, Cole finds out about the sexy type-A woman with desire in her eyes but lies on her lips, he’s just as determined to tame her and uncover her deepest fears—and desires.

When her past catches up to her, it’ll be Cole and Declan who convince her to stop running, from her past, and from the desire burning white hot between them. They’re going to claim her, even if they have to do it the hard way…one seductive kiss at a time.

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I want to thank Vanessa Vale for providing me with a copy of this book so that we could bring you this review.

Now its no surprise that I love this book or getting a bit of Bridgewater in modern times. It was great to see that the style of living that was started in Bridgewater by generations before is still being followed. And Im not talking about the manage part of it but the protectiveness of it all. The chivalry is still there, its still all about strong dominant men taking care of the woman that they want. Hannah comes into Bridgewater County hiding from someone who wants to hurt her and Cole and Declan are there to protect her, loved it. And I loved that Hannah got away from a situation that could have ended a lot worse had she not realized it early.

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