Review: The Billionaire’s Intern by Jackie Ashenden

Lorenzo De Santis: Ruthless. Driven. Ambitious.

Lorenzo De Santis is the boss. He’s an uncompromising hardass, he doesn’t suffer fools, and he doesn’t have time to deal with witless young interns. But when an old friend asks for a favor, Lorenzo can’t refuse. Even if it means taking on the man’s daughter as a project.

Kira Constantin: Rich. Party girl…Spy.

Kira Constantin feels like she has been half-alive since that one night of partying ended in tragedy. So when her father demands that she go undercover at De Santis Corp as a spy, there’s no way she can refuse. She must redeem herself, even if that means dealing with a boss like of Lorenzo De Santis.

Except neither of them counts on the forbidden heat that flares between them. As Kira and Lorenzo draw closer, spying on him becomes harder and harder. And then Kira discovers that the real villain might be closer to her than she thinks…

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As ways I would like to thank NetGalley and St Martins Press for providing us with a copy of this book that we could bring you this review.

I don’t know how Jackie Ashenden keeps doing it but with each book I read in this series I hate Mr. De Santi more and more. I loved how Lorenzo is dead set in making sure he exposes his father and gets rid of the power he has over the company. The only problem he has is the spy that they are trying to put in his midsts. The one thing that no one not any of them ever think about or even imagine was that Kira didn’t want to spy on Lorenzo and what he was plotting to do, nor did they think that should would tell him the truth of her being assigned as his intern was for. All they all thought was that Kira would do as she was told by her father since she carried so much guilt in her for what happened in the past. Kira has always had a deep affection for Lorenzo, since in her eyes he is the only person who has ever really seen her and helped her in figuring out how to channel her feelings and excess energy. That is the reason why she choses not to help her father in his plot to figure out what Lorenzo is up to and instead help Lorenzo in his mission.

I gave this book 4 sneaky kisses…

Happy Reading… Adri


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