REVIEW: Where We Began by Nora Flite

Title: Where We Began
Series: Where We Began Duet #1
Author: Nora Flite
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 6, 2018




My life was full of my sister’s laughter and miles of green trees.
Then the black car came.
Strangers in sharp suits dragged my father back to a past he kept hidden.
Worse, they made him choose one of us—his own children—to go and live with his
enemies. It’s a way to keep him working for them… and from running again.
I’m a hostage.
The food is fancy, the carpets are lush, but this bed isn’t mine. I don’t
belong here and my head and heart know it. I’m painfully alone.
And then I’m not.
The first time I meet Dominic Bradley, he saves me from a maid with a pair of
scissors. This sweet boy is nothing like the rest of his family. He becomes the
only sunlight in these smothering halls. The one person holding me together.
When he leaves for six years, it shreds my soul.
It’s nothing compared to when he comes back.
Gone is my sweet boy. In his place is a hardened soldier ready to obey his
father. He’s gained new demons; and I’ve lost my only friend. Dominic acts like
he’s forgotten our past. But I can’t. It’s impossible to forget the moment I
fell in love.
I know where we began.
I’m not sure where we’ll end.


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My Review

This book had me asking so many questions!! From the beginning I was sucked in to Laiken and Dominic’s world. And what a world it is! It’s like a huge puzzle that you have to piece together.

There were so many parts of the story that had me so perplexed, but not because it is confusing to follow, but because I needed to know all of the answers! Which of course we don’t get….yes, this ends in a cliff hanger but not to fear, the second book releases very very soon. So we don’t have to wait long for all of our questions to be answered.

This is the first Nora Flite book i have ever read and I was NOT disappointed. the characters were enriching, the plot was suspenseful, and the chemistry between Laiken and Dominic will make you blush.

I can’t wait to see how their story ends!

Coming Soon
Releasing March 20, 2018


Author Bio

A USA Today Bestselling Author, Nora Flite lives in
SoCal where the weather is warm and she doesn’t have to shovel snow—something
she never grew to love in her tiny home-state of Rhode Island.

All of her romances involve passionate, filthy, and slightly
obsessive heroes—because those are clearly the best kind! She’s always been a
writer, and you’ll probably have to pry her keyboard/pen/magical future writing
device out of her cold, dead fingers before she’ll stop.

She loves when people say hello! If you see her in the wild,
walk up and start chatting. Or hey, just email her—
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