One for the Rogue by Manda Collins

Geologist Gemma Hastings has no interest in pursuing romance—and no patience for Lord Cameron Lisle, an esteemed fossil hunter who has a way of always honing in on her territory. . .annoyingly handsome though he may be. But when a shocking attack puts Gemma in very real danger, she may have to accept Lisle’s offers of protection. Even if that means entering into a dangerous flirtation. . .


Lisle was once amused by Gemma’s dedication to her work. But now that he understands how much he’s underestimated her—a woman whose beauty is matched only by her genius—Lisle is desperate to prove his respect…and prove himself worthy of her. But is he too late? A bitter rival, desperate to steal Gemma’s scientific findings, is still at-large. Can Lisle help uncover the culprit and keep her safe—forever, in his loving arms?

As always a first thing is a thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for providing us with a copy of this book so that we could bring you this review.

The last of the amazing woman from the Beauchamp house herisess has finally found the perfect person to work with her and love her. Now that being said she also finds a way to find herself in some kind of trouble. But thankfully Lisle is there to help her. Things do tend to get ugly for Gemma and Lisle but they also find that they work great together. I loved how the series ended and am hoping to see these characters again somewhere else. Maybe Beauchamp house will find a new series with the plans that the ladies all came up with afterward and we will see these ladies again.

I give this book 5 kisses.

Happy reading… Adri

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