REVIEW: Without Shame by Victoria L. James and L.J. Stock

 Series: Hounds of Babylon

Authors: Victoria L. James and L.J. Stock

***LIVE NOW***



Drew Tucker is gone.

Theman Ayda Hanagan loves has disappeared into the darkness once again,his mind buried in the torture of grief, his body cold and hard, and his heart completely switched off. Nothing matters to him anymore.Not his brothers, his club, and definitely not the woman he vowed to spend the rest of his life worshipping. The only thing he craves now is blood.

Stuck in a one-way love affair, Ayda knows she only has so much time left to bring him back, and she’s willing to do anything she can to show Drew just how much he means to her, even if that means hurting him the way he’s hurt her.

The battles have been fought, and now the war is on the horizon.

Withfires being started all around them, the heart of Babylon is in trouble. The enemies are circling more than ever, and The Hounds need their leader to return so they can fight together without shame.

Before the whole damn place is burned to the ground.


My Review

Without Mercy Broke Me, Without Truth started to heal me, Without Shame ripped open my soul and stomped it in to the floor.
This book was Drew’s defining moment. The. Whole. Book. This was Drew, in all his dark, brooding, vengeful self, needing to regain the balance in the light that he found in Ayda. His darkness is heartbreaking to read. All the hope he had is gone. Betrayal and grief have consumed him and now he wants vengeance.
Ayda proved herself to me in the last book. She has shown her loyalty and love for Drew and the club, yet, she has never seen this dark side to Drew. She needs to be the steady hand that is waiting for him at the end of the tunnel, waiting to draw him out of the darkness. She has shown herself to be strong before, but this will test her like nothing has before. What these two have gone through would have destroyed weaker couples. Yet, they seem to only get stronger. It’s not without struggle and heartbreak though. Now with Ayda immersed in most aspects of club life, she shines. This is the life she is meant to live, and Drew is the man she is meant to live it with. But can they weather this latest attack on their club and their family? Will lies, secrets, and the past finally catch up to them and destroy everything? And will the next book get here like tomorrow?????
This series is my top mc recommendation, and that will never change. These two authors have two distinct voices that blend perfectly together to create these characters that I love so much. the ending of this one really has me anxious for the next one. I cannot wait!


Without Consequence ➤

Without Mercy ➤

Without Truth ➤

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