REVIEW: The Vanity of Roses by Lily White

Title: The Vanity of Roses
Author: Lily White
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 25, 2020

It has my 3 D’s….. DARK, DIRTY & DELICIOUS!!! ~ Tricia, Goodreads Reviewer

Wow! Talk about gut wrenching! This book tore through me in every way possible! ~ Carvanz, Goodreads Reviewer

Totally consuming! I got lost in Callan and Lisbeths twisted love story. Callan is the ultimate bully worth fighting (or submitting) for. ~Keri Loves Books

The Vanity of Roses does not disappoint. It is everything I needed. It’s dark and violent, sexy and suspenseful. ~ S.M., Wicked Reads

Callan Rose.
That hadn’t always been his name.
When we were children, he was nothing more than a servant boy in my family.
He was an amusement to me.
A nobody.
A weak soul who refused to fight back.
It was so easy to take advantage.
But then my father died, and I was stolen. The family moved on without me. Until I was penniless with no place to go.
I returned to the Rose Estate not knowing Callan was the head of it.
He’d honed his body and temper in the underground fighting ring. The scars only made him more beautiful.
Now I’m trapped by a seductively dark man who has nothing but vengeance running through his veins.
I’d always wanted him to fight back, but you know what they say:
Be careful what you wish for.
My Review
This book took a different turn than I thought it would. It is Lily White, after all, she could have gone really dark with this one. Instead, she dabbled in the dark, which is what I love her writing for, and stuck mainly to a charcoal grey that could appeal to a broader audience that isn’t quite ready for a Master Aiden.
The stage is set early for a bully romance Lily White style. Callan and Lisbeth are oil and water. She is a spoiled princess who gets everything she wants. He is the maid’s son who isn’t allowed to talk to her. Suddenly their worlds are turned upside down and these two find their roles reversed and a lot of childhood trauma to try and deal with.
I ended up really liking Lisbeth. I didn’t think I was going to, especially after the beginning of the story, but she grew on me. Callan was a force. He domineered the pages like he dominates the ring. This is a man who wants revenge for Lisbeth’s abuse. He wants to make her suffer. Lisbeth just wants to stop running. Having no choice but to return to her family home, she wasn’t prepared for her new life. She also wasn’t prepared to face the boy she humiliated all those years ago. What neither were prepared for are the feelings that simmer right below the surface of hate and revenge.
If you love a good fighter/bully romance you will love this book. It’s filled with secrets and twists and some classic Lily White moments…..the mop scene…that will keep you glued to your kindle to the very end
Lily White is a romance writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series, Target This, Wishing Well, and Asylum. In addition to dark romance Lily writes contemporary romance, taboo romance, and psychological thrillers. Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.


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