Review: When You Wish Upon a Rogue by Anna Bennett

Once upon a time in Anna Bennett’s When You Wish Upon a Rogue–third in The Debutante Diaries series–three young ladies vowed to record their first London seasons and to fill in the gaps of their educations.

She knows what she wants.

Miss Sophie Kendall is happiest arranging the secret meetings of the Debutante Underground, a group of women who come together to discuss the weekly advice column The Debutante’s Revenge. What makes Sophie most unhappy is her impending march down the aisle to a man she does not love. But her family’s finances are in increasingly dire straits.

He makes an offer she can’t refuse.

Henry Reese, Earl of Warshire, hasn’t slept in weeks. Desperate to escape his manor house and its haunting memories, he heads for one of his abandoned London properties. There he meets a beautiful, intriguing woman—trespassing. Reese is far less interested in Sophie’s search for a secret meeting spot than he is in her surprising ability to soothe his demons. So he strikes a bargain with her: his shop in exchange for spending one night a week with him.

Is this love for real—or just a dream?

Sophie never expected this to happen. But she cannot deny the fire Reese sparks in her—and soon their shared desire burns bright. Sophie is irrevocably promised to another. But maybe these two ill-fated lovers can find a way to risk it all—all the way to happily ever after…

“Sparkling.” – Publishers Weekly on When You Wish Upon a Rogue
“Fans of…Eloisa James, Tessa Dare, and Mary Jo Putney will go wild.”—Booklist

It was sad to see the last of this series. I will miss the fun that these Debutants have started. But I like the fact that they aren’t afraid to do what they do. Especially when it was seen as it being wrong for a woman to be strong and independent. They weren’t allowed to show that they had brains and Sophie is not afraid to be the first to show that. She also helps breakdown the lines of society. The ones that say one group can not associate with another because they aren’t in the same place financially. I was a bit sad and disappointed that I was able to predict some aspects of the book and what would happen with secondary characters. I was also disappointed in who was involved in bringing heartbreak to another character, but it helped to show that people are flawed so it wasn’t about the writing it was about my attachment to the character. This disappointment also shows how great Anna was at writing characters that find a way into your heart.

I give this book 5 kisses.

Happy reading… Adri

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