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REVIEW: Imperfect by D.D. Larsen

D.D. Larsen’s second book in her Perfect series is a steamy and passionate romance novel about young lovers and a suspenseful book about a kidnapped husband!

Is a perfect life possible or will their past return to destroy them?

With a baby on the way, Seryna is thrilled when her successful, big-hearted fiancé Kieran Black takes her on an engagement trip to the British Virgin Islands that turns into an impromptu wedding. Life couldn’t get any better . . . until he disappears without a trace. 

Devastated, Seryna struggles to adjust to life without Kieran and enrolls in college, where she meets easy-going but mysterious Ryder. He seems eager to help her, and as her pregnancy develops, so do her feelings for him. But when she suddenly finds herself in mortal danger, she’s not sure who to trust. Can she discover who her enemies are before it’s too late? 

A page-turning novel about a sinister conspiracy and a mystery about a pregnant woman, Imperfect is a gripping romance novel filled with fear and suspense. 

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My Review

First things first….you HAVE to read Perfect before reading Imperfect. No ifs ands or buts about it, so check it out here


Ok, now to Imperfect. Our girl Seryna has had a hell of a few months. Falling in love for the first time, finding out your family could be involved in a rash of deadly od’s at college parties, your best friend is still recovering from an almost fatal car crash. Yet, she couldn’t be happier with Kieran, who has changed her life in so many ways. There were times I felt Seryna was a bit immature, but then you have to keep in mind, she’s only 18. And her world experience has been very little.

 The first part of the book focused on Seryna and Kieran’s next step in their relationship. I think she did an excellent job highlighting just how much of a whirlwind romance these two really had. Seryna was at the disadvantage. She didn’t know much about Kieran’s past, not that it mattered to her, but where he knew a lot about her family and her specifically, she had to learn on their quasi honeymoon. I think this is where we really started to see her growth. She handled everything with grace for being so young. It isn’t always easy finding out the love of your life didn’t lack for female companionship in the vacation spot he takes you. But it showed her too that the place was spcial and he wanted to include her and make new memories. Island life really suited these two too. And then the book took a turn. Kieran is kidnapped and Seryna is left to deal with the aftermath alone, while pregnant. The last half of the book really highlighted Seryna coming in to her own. She had a support system in her friends and family, but she really took initiative to be her own person.  It made her realize that unrealistic and idealistic expectations are almost impossible to maintain and while it’s ok to deal with your grief, it’s not ok to live there. You have to find a way to persevere and sometimes that might mean doing it in a way that you never pictured.  Don’t worry though, there is plenty of suspense and mystery and we DO get resolution to Kieran’s disappearance. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to reading more from the author



Meet D.D.

D.D. Larsen grew up in a small town in Colorado. As a child, she was always formulating stories in her mind. Now, she gets to share her books with the world. She loves romance novels, and writing about mountain settings comes naturally (pun intended). 

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