FOSTER AN AUTHOR 2016: KC Rice Spotlight


I had the distinct pleasure to “sit down” with KC Rice and pick her brain a little bit to see what makes her tick. She was kind enough to put up with this humble blogger’s questions and I got to know her a bit. I think her and I would get along great! And she likes Chris Hemsworth over Charlie Hunnam so I get Charlie all to myself 😉

Questions with KC Rice

E: Ok, let’s do the obvious questions first…what inspired you to write?

KC: I have always had an over active imagination, one day I had the privilege to meet a group of Kentucky Authors, they encouraged me to give it a try.. so here I am.

E: Do you see yourself in any of your characters?

KC: Yes, Actually most of Kaycee’s insecurities are some of mine that I have battled with throughout my life

E: What is your ultimate dream job, other than writing?

KC: Artist

E: What is the one thing that you want your readers to take away from your stories?

KC: Filling as though they were actually living part of the story.. and to want more

E: What is something about you that your readers would be surprised to find out?

KC: Very insecure

Heels or Sneakers? sneakers

Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate

Cats or Dogs? cats

Summer or Winter? winter

No internet for a year or No tv for a year? no tv for a year

Charlie Hunnam or Chris Hemsworth? Chris Hemsworth

Romantic comedies or Suspense? romantic comedies

Jeans or Sweats? sweats

Dress up or Dress down? dress down

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