REVIEW: Presidential Bargain by Rebecca Gallo

Title: Presidential Bargain
Author: Rebecca Gallo
Release Date: Aug 14 2017
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Jameson Martin was the presidential candidate who needed a wife. I needed a way out of debt.
The moment I agreed to be his pretend fiancée, all our problems should have been solved. Instead, things got complicated. 
Publicly, we were the picture of patriotic perfection.
Privately, we struggled with the one thing that wasn’t in our plan – more.
I didn’t realize how lonely my life was until Jameson filled it with everything I was missing. His passionate commitment to public service earned my vote; his icy blue gaze and the way he gave me a purpose stole my heart. But I wanted to be his partner, not his secret. And I wanted the one thing that Jameson struggled to give me – his heart. 

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My Review
I love a good political romance and this book is one of the best I’ve read. Georgie and James pull off the fake fiance story line with the best of them!
I especially loved Goergie. She never strayed from who she was. She used her newfound celebrity to champion causes that were near and dear to her heart. She remained grounded in her beliefs and didn’t  let the pressures of the campaign change her. For this reader, she was just  what  James needed to stay grounded in a world where power and influence mean everything and can make you or break you.
 Speaking of James….WOW! Brooding, sexy, compassionate James. He plays his emotions close to the vest and can you blame him? He reminded me a lot of my husband in that aspect. Which is why I fell in love with him.
 The story takes a turn that will have you on the edge of your seat (I know it did mine!) and becomes quite the intriguing political dogfight.  It’s a jarring reminder just how dirty the game is and how some people will go to any lengths to win. Presidential Bargain isn’t just a fake fiance story, it’s a beautiful love story that shows you you have to fight for what you want…in all areas of life. I can’t wait to see the rest of the story!
Rebecca Gallo was first indoctrinated into the romance genre by her babysitter who watched hours upon hours of daytime soap operas. She harbored many inappropriate crushes on fictional characters such as John Black from “Days of Our Lives,” Orry Main from the mini-series “North & South,” and Edward Fairfax Rochester from Jane Eyre. She is still in love with Davy Jones from The Monkees. 
Rebecca currently lives in the Southwest with her husband, tiny four-year-old terror, and a tuxedo cat with a limp. When she isn’t swooning over book boyfriends or dreaming up romances, she can be found educating the youth of America. Or eating tacos. 


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REVIEW: More Than Desire by Rachel De Lune

Book: More Than Desire
Author: Rachel De Lune

Genre: Contemporary RomanceRelease Date: 7th August 2017



Escape, it was the reason James Riley flew to the other side of the world. His family believed he’d left for career progression—an opportunity he couldn’t pass up, and his lie was so good even he believed it. Australia was perfect for him. It helped him forget his one and only mistake. A relationship was the last thing on his mind because he was never going to fall for a woman again.

Ariana Scott thought she wanted a Dom. That choice cost her both blood and tears. A year later, she was still trying to put the pieces of her life back together. Her interest in the sexy British guy was too soon, too fast, and because of her job, off limits. But the lure of James Riley was a temptation she couldn’t shake off.

When a safe vanilla fling turns into a relationship, her career, her family, and her lifestyle threaten to tear her world apart. She’s fallen hard and is prepared to put everything on the line for James. He makes her question everything she thinks she knows about herself but there is only one answer when casual sex becomes more than desire.

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I’m fortunate to have my own office. Olivia and the rest of the team work in an open-plan space just beyond my door. I don’t shut my office door much, as I like working with people, and office banter amongst co-workers is a good thing, as long as it doesn’t interfere with productivity. However, my open door is being forced shut more and more, and the reason is Ria.
John’s desk sits directly in front of my office, so when she visits the team and works with John, I have a clear view of her. It’s like I’m spying on her—the profile of her face, the lines of her body—all there for my perusal. She’s driving me fucking crazy. And there is no sense in it. We’ve barely spoken a handful of times. I’ve met dozens of women since I’ve been in Australia, yet the only action my cock has seen is from my right hand while imagining bending Ariana over my fucking desk. It’s this girl that has sent my brain into overdrive and diverts the blood supply to my cock every time.
Whenever I see her, she is wearing green. She is a goddess, and I’m turning into a petulant child. Despite my earlier conversation with her, I’m still to see what she is working on. She spouts some marketing lingo during our meeting, and I go with it. Obviously, it’s my dick thinking and not my brain.
My mind is always elsewhere when she is around. I can’t concentrate. I’m too busy fantasising about her legs being wrapped around my waist or what lies underneath whatever shade of green she’s wearing that day.
A knock at my door breaks my daytime fantasy, and I bark my reply.
“I’m sorry, James, is this a good time?” Ria slips inside my office and lingers without shutting the door.
“What can I do for you?” I quash the visions of her that immediately invade my mind.
“I want to go over the plan I’ve been working up. You said you wanted to sign-off before anything concrete happens.” She pushes the door closed, and with the snick of the latch the room temperature soars.
“Alright.” I man up and take a breath. She sits in the seat opposite my desk as if she owns the room.
“So, Scott Brown and Partners has been losing ground to competitors, and I want to up our corporate visibility. We work with some of the biggest and best clients in Australia, but more often than not, we don’t see those news stories or deals in the press.”
“Many of the transactions we advise and negotiate aren’t ones our clients want plastered over social media, Ria.”
“I know that, but we can still capitalise on what we’re doing. I want to look at a charity event. Sponsors, press…”
“We do charity events,” I snip.
“But you don’t involve the clients. What Scott Brown has done so far is to try and show a charitable side to the company by putting on those events. That’s fine for brand profile, but I want to leverage the names of our clients as well.” She holds my gaze, and it does nothing to help my pulse. I don’t see the difference between what we do and what she is proposing, but at least I understand her words and my tongue is still in my mouth.
“So you propose?”
“A gala event where we align our clients without the obvious PR spiel.”
“And you really think a gala event is going to work?” I didn’t buy it.
“I know it will.” As she presents her pitch, I see her excitement. She’s animated and passionate, and it just makes her look even more damn appealing.
“So, what do you say?” she asks.
“Draft the proposals you’d send to the clients. John will look over them, and he can continue to advise on which ones would be suitable to target.” I see the smile on her face falter for just a second.
“Yes, John.” I try not to jump to the conclusion that perhaps she is looking forward to working with me. My dick is thinking for me and getting way ahead of itself.
I walk around the desk, and she quickly jumps toward the door. She gives me the perfect opportunity to check out her peachy arse, clad in another shade of green fabric.
“Do you ever wear a colour other than green?” I know I shouldn’t have said that. It is fucking insane, but every time I see her, it makes me want to strip her down to her ivory skin.
“Yes, umm, why?” she whispers, her back to the door with me closing in on her. It’s the first sign of any vulnerability I’ve seen from her, and I resist reaching out and grabbing her.
“Because you look…” I trail off, realising everything I want to say could get me slapped with a sexual harassment suit faster than I can get a flight back to London. Because you look fucking incredible. Because I can’t think when I see you wearing green. Because it makes me want to strip it off your body. Because I’m losing my fucking mind, and I need a break. “Because it suits you.” I watch as her green eyes darken and her breathing speeds up.
I affect her! Watching her eyes dilate just makes her harder to resist. I lean toward her and reach for the door.
We’re inches apart, the closest we’ve been, and the energy between us buzzes in the air. The insane attraction I’ve been fighting isn’t one-sided. All I have to do is tip my head, and my lips will brush against hers. I’d get to taste her—just one little taste.
I open the door and break the spell. Ariana escapes. I close the door and rest my head against the wood. I didn’t come here to fall for the first fucking girl I see. Fuck, I need to get laid and get rid of this stupid attraction.
My Review
This is the second book I have read of Rachel De Lune’s and I love this one as much as the first.
 James and Ria’s story will strike a note with every romance reader because of how real these characters are. Their story is one that I honestly thought was going to go one way, but was pleasantly surprised when it took a turn that I absolutely loved. The story is as much about finding compromise in a relationship without compromising yourself. It shows you that there are times when you HAVE to communicate. Let’s face it ladies, as much as we would love for our s/o’s to be mind readers, they’re not. But boy wouldn’t that be nice! Same with us. I could relate to Ria so many times it was like I was in her head. thinking you want one thing, realizing that you need something entirely different but not quite knowing how to articulate it…story of my life! The steamy times were quite hot too. I love how she affected him, I love seeing a strong man get knocked on his heels by a beautiful woman.
 Added to my ever growing tbr pile is the rest of this series. I love the writing, the characters, and the romance. Rachel De Lune has a fan for life

Meet The Author

Rachel De Lune writes emotionally driven erotic romance. She began scribbling her stories in the pages of a notebook several years ago. Today she’s still scribbling stories of dominance and submission and creating Happily Ever Afters.

Rachel lives in the South West of England and daydreams about shoes, lingerie and chocolate, in-between being a mum and a wife. She would love to give up her day job to devote more time to her scribbles.  For every woman who’s ever desired more.

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Other Books in the Series


Review: The Billionaire’s Intern by Jackie Ashenden

Lorenzo De Santis: Ruthless. Driven. Ambitious.

Lorenzo De Santis is the boss. He’s an uncompromising hardass, he doesn’t suffer fools, and he doesn’t have time to deal with witless young interns. But when an old friend asks for a favor, Lorenzo can’t refuse. Even if it means taking on the man’s daughter as a project.

Kira Constantin: Rich. Party girl…Spy.

Kira Constantin feels like she has been half-alive since that one night of partying ended in tragedy. So when her father demands that she go undercover at De Santis Corp as a spy, there’s no way she can refuse. She must redeem herself, even if that means dealing with a boss like of Lorenzo De Santis.

Except neither of them counts on the forbidden heat that flares between them. As Kira and Lorenzo draw closer, spying on him becomes harder and harder. And then Kira discovers that the real villain might be closer to her than she thinks…

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As ways I would like to thank NetGalley and St Martins Press for providing us with a copy of this book that we could bring you this review.

I don’t know how Jackie Ashenden keeps doing it but with each book I read in this series I hate Mr. De Santi more and more. I loved how Lorenzo is dead set in making sure he exposes his father and gets rid of the power he has over the company. The only problem he has is the spy that they are trying to put in his midsts. The one thing that no one not any of them ever think about or even imagine was that Kira didn’t want to spy on Lorenzo and what he was plotting to do, nor did they think that should would tell him the truth of her being assigned as his intern was for. All they all thought was that Kira would do as she was told by her father since she carried so much guilt in her for what happened in the past. Kira has always had a deep affection for Lorenzo, since in her eyes he is the only person who has ever really seen her and helped her in figuring out how to channel her feelings and excess energy. That is the reason why she choses not to help her father in his plot to figure out what Lorenzo is up to and instead help Lorenzo in his mission.

I gave this book 4 sneaky kisses…

Happy Reading… Adri


Jacked Up and Misconduct by Samantha Kane


Linebacker Sam Taylor feels like a ticking time bomb. He left the army with emotional wounds as fresh as the scars on his back. Sam’s been living like a monk, but his best friend, defensive lineman King Ulupoka, wants to get him laid. Easy for him to say. The larger-than-life Samoan is a hard-bodied, tribal-tattooed fantasy. Sam agrees, under one condition: King stays to watch.

ER nurse Jane Foster is done being a good girl, and nothing says wild like picking up two of football’s sexiest players and bringing them back to your hotel room. Trouble is, she can’t decide which one she wants more. Sam is hot, sweet, and vulnerable. Jane’s more than willing to ride him into oblivion. But King’s intense gaze from across the room promises that the best is yet to come.

Sure, King has had his choice of girls and guys in the past. That doesn’t mean he’ll jeopardize his relationship with Sam over a case of locker-room lust—until a naughty nurse pushes them both out of their comfort zones. Seeing Jane and Sam together turns King on more than he ever imagined. If they’re game, he’s ready to tackle a three-way play.

BUY LINKS: Amazon : B&N : Kobo : iBooks

Rookie running back Tom Kelly loves the perks of football stardom. Men, women—there’s no shortage of companionship for a pro athlete who’s hot, young, and willing, and Tom is definitely willing. But deep down he wants a committed three-way relationship, especially if the female in the middle is Carmina de la Cruz. The undeniably sexy Army veteran may not say much, but her body speaks loud and clear.

After a traumatic tour in Afghanistan, Carmina is struggling to regain her speech and rebuild her life. More than anything, she wants to feel like a woman again. Tom may be a wholesome All-American, but he knows just how she needs to be touched—and he’s not the only Rebel who arouses her interest. With his scorching intensity, Tom’s best friend leaves her wondering if two players might be better than one.

Danny Smith is no stranger to his team’s kinky reputation. He gave in to temptation once, but he’s not going down that road again. Sure, Carmina’s curves promise pleasure, but her eyes guarantee it comes with baggage—and Danny has enough of his own. Still, giving up control can feel so good. And when it comes to everything Danny craves, Carmina and Tom make the perfect team.

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As always I want to thank Random House Loveswept and Netgalley for providing us with a copy of these books so that we could bring you this review.

What can I say other than Samantha Kane and the Rebels have found a way to burn up my kindle once again. These books are both centered around how two Army friends and veterans have dealt with life after the injuries they sustained during an IED. Sam has to learn how to deal with his PTSD and Carmina with the recovery she has had to deal with after her brain injury. So I think its great that between King, Jane, and Tom they are able to help each of them. I don’t include Danny in that one because Tom helps him deal and learn how to recover after the time he has spent angry for what happen to Marian (from the first book). I applaud Samantha Kane’s strength in first not only about writing unconventional relationships but also for topics that many rather not touch. I typically don’t like to read M/M relationships or intimate scenes, but let me tell you this one was fantastic and I didn’t mind reading at all. I love the way that Samantha Kane writes them. Like I said burning up my kindle good.

I give these books 5 sexy kisses…

Happy Reading… Adri

Review: Ruthless, Rebellious & Resilient by Gillian Archer

Every girl needs a guardian angel—even if he wears black leather.

After dinner with the most arrogant man in the world, Jessica Miller is shocked when her blind date tries to maul her in the parking lot. Enter “Zag”: the brooding, bruising alpha male who jumps off his motorcycle and teaches the jerk a lesson he won’t forget. After getting one taste of a bad boy who lives on the edge, Jessica’s hooked. Zag’s willing to give her the ride of her life. But she needs to wrap her arms around his powerful chest and hold on—tight.

Zag knows firsthand that the True Brothers MC isn’t for the faint of heart. He only intends to show beautiful, innocent Jessica a few cheap thrills to satisfy her curiosity. But the more he lets her in, the more Zag comes to depend on her gentle touch to help heal the wounds that he’s been denying for so long. Now, a rival gang has set its sights on Jessica, and Zag must step up once again. He just hopes he can go the distance to protect the woman he loves.

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Every rebel needs a cause—and a woman to believe in. Discover why Heidi McLaughlin raves that “the sexy, alluring bad boys of the True Brothers MC will make your mouth water” in this smoldering novel from the author of Ruthless.

The black-leather-clad biker who just roared up on his Harley doesn’t resemble any single father Emily Clark has ever known. But as she watches “Reb” bonding with his son, Emily realizes there’s a lot more to this bad boy than his alpha-male attitude or his sinful good looks. And when Reb takes an interest in her, there’s no way she can resist his surprisingly tender touch. The one thing Emily won’t give up is her hard-won independence.

As President of the True Brothers MC, Reb owes a sacred debt of loyalty to the club, but his first priority is making sure that his son grows up right. Pursuing an unexpected affair with Emily is a close second. Then a violent stalker threatens her life, and this unconventional guardian angel really turns up the heat. Nobody messes with Reb or anyone under his protection. Trouble is, how’s he supposed to protect Emily when she insists on going it alone? He’s willing to put his life on the line for her. Now, maybe, he needs to open his heart.

Buy Links Amazon : Barnes & Noble : iBooks : kobo : Google Play

Every loner needs a family—and a heart to call home. The bad-boy bikers of the True Brothers MC make good as a strong, silent type shows the right woman that he can speak the language of love.

With her lowlife father in prison for manslaughter, Nicole Walker keeps her distance from the biker scene—until she meets the stud running security at her best friend’s wedding. “Tank” is big, mean, and trouble from every direction. Yet Nicole can’t take her eyes off his chiseled body, or deny the pure electricity she feels when he returns her gaze. Guys like Tank are supposed to be a one-way ride to heartbreak. So why, after a scorching night in his bed, does Nicole only want more?

From his tour in the Marines to his sister’s disastrous marriage, Tank has seen the worst that life has to offer. Ever since his father’s death, Tank’s been fiercely protective of his family—and the True Brothers have always had his back. But nothing could prepare him for a woman like Nicole, who’s determined to break down the walls around his heart. When violence strikes, placing Nicole in harm’s way, Tank digs deep to find the courage to keep her safe—and the strength to love without limits.

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As always thank you goes first to Random House Loveswept and Netgalley for providing us with a copy of this book so that we can bring you this review.Now I wish I was a part of the True Brothers MC ladies because good lord are they sexy men. Now three best friends fall for 3 of the sexy brothers in the club. Their protectiveness and need to make sure that each of these women are always safe and treated correctly is amazing. Though they are not angels by any means but their views on family and respect are very strong. Also big part of family to them is their club, and no one messes with their club or the people that they want as a part of it.

I can’t wait for the next book in the True Brothers series.

I give these books 5 kisses.

Happy Reading… Adri

Review: Addiction by Calista Fox

Everyone loves a secret…

Liv Tyner has an ultra-sexy one she’s been keeping all to herself. A sinfully delicious, forbidden secret that has inspired endless fantasy material late into her lonely nights. But when that secret is suddenly staring her in the face—in the form of two fantastically built and wildly successful men—not only does Liv have trouble keeping her one-time-only love triangle under wraps, she also longs for a repeat performance.

Step-brothers Nate Dalton and Tristan Reeves have built a global communications empire that laid the groundwork for their ten-year homecoming to Bayfront. But more important than success is winning the love of the one woman neither has gotten off his mind or out of his system no matter how much time and distance spans between them—sensational and highly addictive Liv Tyner!

As a slow seduction begins and all their juicy secrets are revealed, can these star-crossed lovers find themselves in the right place, at the right time, to make a more permanent love connection?




As always thanks goes first to Netgalley and St. Martins Press for providing us with a copy of this book so that we could bring you this review.

Like the title of the book indicates I have become addicted to Calista Fox and her steamy trios. I loved how Nate and Tristen didn’t start off their lives having money, unlike some in Bayfront. They worked for it and have worked hard to achieve the success they have. Even if it was at the expense and risk of losing the woman that they desired deeply. But when they come back to Bayfront they come ready to claim what they want. Liv has always been able to see past the “nerdy” aspects of Tristen and Nate to the sexy men deep inside and has wanted them always. Especially after the one night that they spent together. But Liv is getting ready to start a new chapter in her life and its going to take her away from the men she has always wanted once again. I love the fact that Nate and Tristian were willing to go wherever they needed to to be with Liv. Whether that is staying in Bayfront or going across the world, it showed so much how much they really want to make things work with her once and for all.

I gave this books 4 steamy kisses…

Happy Reading… Adri

REVIEW: Lucky by Elizabeth SaFleur

Book Title: Lucky (An Elite Doms of Washington book)

By: Elizabeth SaFleur

Published by: Troll River Publications




When a man tells you who he is, believe him
Billionaire entertainment investor and resolute bachelor Derek Damon Wright learned at a young age women were trouble. He’s unprepared for dancer Samantha Rose who walks into his thirteenth, Washington DC nightclub opening with an authenticity and passion for life that quickly rocks his jaded, albeit privileged, world.
Samantha, an aerial artist and dance studio owner, hasn’t been lucky in love, and falling for the charismatic and Dominant Derek won’t draw her closer to her greatest dream of  having a baby. Yet she’s helpless to resist his charm and sophisticated world of private jets, Caribbean islands and the sexual pleasures of dominance and submission.

As their whirlwind romance progresses, past mistakes rise up to threaten their future. Only when they rely on each other for safe haven do they find the answer to their dreams.

My Review
I am hooked on this series! Each book has it’s own flavor and can be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend you read the others in the series first to get a feel for the dynamics of their world, and get acquainted with the other Doms who make an appearance in the book.
I love a good opposites attract romance and Derek and Sam are about as opposite as you can get….on the surface. He’s aloof, not looking for a relationship, keep things simple. She’s warm, kind, and wants the fairy tale, after she makes her mark in the world of dance of course. Yet, both are trying to make it in their perspective fields and are a force to be reckoned with in their own rights. They are both driven and ambitious, they just present it differently.
From the start these two are drawn to each other and their chemistry pops off the pages, especially when there are ropes involved 😉 Those were some of my favorite scenes, btw.
When it comes to Derek and Sam, it’s the push and the pull that I liked. They both stayed true to themselves, while opening up to new experiences.
The supporting characters are just as endearing. Sam’s grandmother will grab your heart, I so need her story!!!
Keeping with the Doms of Washington series, this story isn’t complete without some intrigue and mystery.
Out of all the books, I think Lucky is my favorite so far.

Meet the Author

Writing erotic romance is the most fun I’ve ever had. (Well, except for the research.)

Many of my books are set in Washington, DC, where I lived and worked many years, running a public relations firm. In my PR career I’ve been fortunate to encounter or represent some of the city’s powerful insiders. I write, tweet and post under my pseudonym, Elizabeth SaFleur, since my clients might be a little shocked at how their counselor spends her free time. Then again, perhaps they’d fear they provided inspiration. (I’ll never tell.)

Today, I live  in Virginia with my husband and furry child. Occasionally I’m separated from my laptop to indulge in dance classes and visit wineries and hiking trails with family and friends. If there were a house fire, I’d grab my dog, laptop and five foot-long, regulation, Sally Rand ostrich feather fans — in that order. (Hubby knows the way out.)

I’m a member of the Romance Writers of America, Washington Romance Writers, and an ongoing student of fiction writing, as well as avid reader of general fiction and romance, especially the erotic kind.

If you’d like to connect elsewhere, please circle me on Google+ or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Goodreads.


REVIEW: The Long Way Home by Jasinda Wilder

TLWH Coming Now Available FB


The Long Way Home - Release - corrected


The Long Way Home - about book


I need you, Ava.

I am desperate. For you. For a touch. For a kiss. For the scrape of your hand down my stomach. For the slide of your lips across my hipbone. The sweep of your thigh against mine in the dulcet, drowning darkness. For the warm huff of your breath on my skin and the wet suck of your mouth around me and the building pressure of need reaching release…I am mad with need.

Wild with it.

I cannot have you. I have lost you, as I have lost myself.

And so I go in search. Of myself, and thus the man who might return to you, and take you in his arms.

I loathe each of the thousands of miles between us, but I cannot wish them away, for I hope at the end of my journey I shall find you. Or rather, find myself, and thus…you. Myself, and thus us.

I am taking the long way home, Ava.



I’m losing my mind, and I don’t know how to stop it. I shouldn’t be writing to you, but I am. I’m friendless, loveless, and lifeless. You’re out there somewhere, and still you’re all I really have. I hate my reliance and dependence on you, emotionally and otherwise, and that reliance is something I’m coming to recognize. I hate that I can’t hate you as much as I want to. I hate that I still love you so much.

I hate that there’s no clear solution to our conundrum. Even if we could forgive each other, what then?

I hate you, Christian. I really do.

But most of all, I don’t.

It’s complicated.

Complicatedly (still) yours,


The Long Way Home - purchase

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My Review

The night I finished this story, I didn’t sleep very well. I couldn’t get Ava and Christian’s story off my mind. I was consumed. I needed more journal entries, more blog posts, more letters…..
The book is written in journal entries, letters, and blog posts. It will put you right in the middle of the turmoil these characters are going through. You pick sides, you hate them both, you love them both, you laugh with them, cry with them, crack open a bottle of wine with them (or 2, don’t judge), grieve with them, want to heal with them, and in the end you are left gutted. Each entry in to their lives will put your emotions through a meat grinder. This book isn’t pretty. It’s ugly, raw, and very very real. I think that’s why I love it so much. Everything isn’t wrapped up in a pretty little bow at the end of 300 pages. The ending is heart stopping and was a twist I never in a million years saw coming.
So grab a ton of tissues, a very large wine glass and a few bottles of wine, and get ready for a book that will shred your emotions and leave you in ruins

The Long Way Home - teasers




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The Long Way Home - about author

author-pictureNew York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and internationally bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. Her bestselling titles include Alpha, Stripped, Wounded, and the #1 and international bestseller Falling into You. You can find her on her farm in northern Michigan with her husband, author Jack Wilder, her six children, and a menagerie of animals.

The Long Way Home - connect author

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Review: Nudes by Sarah Robinson

Ben Lawson is making a comeback…
After a few tabloid headlines, they think they know me. They don’t know a damn thing.  As CEO of a movie production company, I’ll show them who I really am when we hit it big at the box office. My ex thought her smear tactics would ruin me, but I’m unbreakable. Rising from the debris, I swore I’d never let a woman distract me like that again. But then, my leading actress walked on the set and changed everything.

Seductive, sexy, and unapologetic, Aria Rose could break me. I wanted to help her, protect her…love her. Instead, I destroyed her.

Aria Rose is baring it all….
I knew better. I knew not to trust another Hollywood heartthrob with a reputation like his. He was my boss and became my ruin. I should have stayed far away from him. Ben Lawson promised me the world. He even promised me his heart.

But he destroyed everything–my heart, my career, us.

Buy Links: Barnes & Noble : iBooks : Kobo : Google Play

I would like to thank Sarah Robinson, Season Publishing and NetGalley for a copy of this book so that we could bring you this review.

Both Aria and Ben have ex’s that would like nothing more than to see their lives destroyed and their careers end in disaster. But one thing neither of them count on is the fact that Ben is willing to be left with nothing then to see anything bad be done to Aria. I loved the fact that Aria wants to prove that she is a great actress and doesn’t use her family connections to get parts. Also when it comes to Ben I liked that he was working hard to bring something up from nothing. He was willing to take risks and put his own money on the line if need be. They not only prove that they can do it but that they can do it better together.

I give this book 4 kisses…

Happy Reading… Adri

Review: Devils Own by Megan Crane

Lara Ashburn hates bikers. She watched a motorcycle club destroy her hometown, bringing her brother down with it. That’s a life she put far in her rearview. So the last person she wants to see walking into her classroom is the top enforcer of the Devil’s Keepers. Big, mean, and gorgeous, all tattoos and leather, Chaser is everything Lara should avoid. Yet the insane chemistry sparking between them tempts her to break all the rules.

Ryan “Chaser” Frey has his hands full with a teen daughter in need of tough love, and he doesn’t have time for prissy teachers who want to tell him how to raise his kid. But Chaser never could resist a chick who gives as good as she gets. Lara is sexy as hell, and she’s not afraid of him. Plus, her links to a California club could provide the Devils with leverage against their enemies. But that would mean mixing business with pleasure—and risking the one woman Chaser can’t afford to lose.

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First and foremost a thank you to Random House Loveswept and NetGalley for providing us with a copy of this books that we could bring you this review.

Now while I was already on a MC kick I was happy to sit and read this one. This is the third book in the Devil’s Keepers MC series and one that I was very much anticipating. Lara having come from a town where an MC was the cause of all her issues she is quite weary of MC’s, so it is amazing to see how spending time with Chaser helps change Lara’s opinion of him and his club. Though Chaser is not in any way a sweet easy person to get to know. He is gruff and tough and an all out ass when he first meets Lara, he does start to show her not everything is as it appears. Also we get a little bit more of what is going on within the ranks of the MC and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I give this book 5 kisses…

Happy Reading… Adri