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Immerse yourself into the fabulous worlds created for USA Today and Amazon All-Star bestselling author Kathryn Le Veque’s World of de Wolfe Pack Amazon Kindle World! Based off Kathryn’s epic saga, seventeen authors have written and released new stories using Kathryn’s original settings, characters, or plots for a re-launch of the world. You’ll find incredible authors with books of Time-Travel, Highlander, Conquest England, Regency, and Contemporary Romance just to name a few. This launch is covering all of the bases of Historical Romance and more. Read on below to get to know one of the featured authors and their book in the Wolfe Pack. To learn more about the other authors and books included, you can follow the World of de Wolfe Pack on Facebook.



A Knight’s Terror by M.L. Guida

Publication Date: September 5, 2016

Genre: Time Travel Romance


1260, Scotland: Dragon Knight, Duncan Sheehy, believes his dragon mate is dead and happiness has escaped him forever until he meets Holly Duff—a woman from the future who challenges everything he has ever held sacred. 
An archangel flings graduate student Holly Duff through time from 2016 to the twelfth century. She discovers she’s not only the lost descendant of William de Wolfe and Lady Jordan, but a Keeper—a woman powerful enough to destroy the first chapter of the Devil’s Diary. To return to the twenty-first century she must stop Duncan’s traitorous brother who plans to enslave both their worlds. 
Duncan soon learns that he was wrong about his dragon mate being dead and she’s very much alive—and determined to return to the twenty first century. Forced to work together, Holly and Duncan must mate to save the innocent and learn true love is timeless.


IoIo thrust his weapon downward, aiming for Duncan’s throat. Duncan blocked the deadly lunge, twisted his body and then using all his strength, shoved IoIo’s sword away from him. IoIo made an exposed cut, slicing into Duncan’s mail, cutting into his bicep. Blood gushed down Duncan’s arm, turning his fingers red.

IoIo smiled. “Yer dead, dragon.”

Blazing hot pain surged through Duncan’s arm. He gritted his teeth. It was an ugly slash, pumping the cursed poison through his veins.

Not yet.” Drawing on his fading dragon strength, Duncan lunged. He slashed IoIo’s shield with his sword, shattering it. IoIo screamed. His arm dropped, giving Duncan the edge to slit his throat then knocked the dreaded sword out of his IoIo’s now limp hand. Blood gushed out of IoIo’s throat, spilling down his breastplate like long fingernails. He swayed and fell to the ground, dust flying into the air. He stared up at Duncan in horror as the life slowly faded from his eyes.

Ian pulled back on his horse. The whites of his eyes rolled with fear. “What are ye, Sheehy? No man can do this.”

Panting hard, Duncan stepped in front of the demonic sword, preventing either knight the opportunity to seize it. He readied for an attack. He could smell Ian’s fear—the air was thick with terror.

Although he was the youngest, Inke wasn’t a coward. He pressed his heels into his horse’s side and aimed his lance at Duncan. Duncan brought his sword down hard on the lance, forcing it out of his hand. Inke reached for his sword, but he was too slow. Using all of his strength, Duncan rammed his sword through Inke’s chest armor. Inke didn’t have time to scream before his arms and head went limp. Duncan dragged him off the horse—his body impaled on the crimson sword.

Yer a demon!” Ian’s shrieking voice was a disgrace to his knighthood. He turned his horse and fled.

Duncan didn’t envy Ian’s fate when he returned to Castle Swan alone and empty handed.

He put his foot on Inke’s lifeless corpse and pulled out his blood-drenched sword. So much blood, so much death, so much evil.

He put his hand on the gnarled tree to steady himself, and the tree trembled. Pain pierced his hand, and he jerked it back. Weariness swept over him, and trees, horses, and corpses spun around him in a crazy dance. He couldn’t breathe, and his legs crumpled beneath him. His last thought before he passed out was that the menace had cursed him.

A soft caress stroked his cheek. Duncan woke with a start. Sir Robert stood over him, guarding him. The sun had moved in the sky. One minute he’d been leaning on the tree to catch his breath, and then he’d passed out from unbearable agony.

But he’d had a dream of the most beautiful woman. It hadn’t been Marigold. Marigold had had red hair and blue eyes and was short. This woman had been taller and slender and had blond hair and had the darkest green eyes like the thick trees of the Highlands. She’d been across an abyss. He hadn’t been able to get to her and she hadn’t been able to get to him. She’d been saying something, but he hadn’t been able to hear her. All he could remember was that she had worn a man’s tight blue trousers, and he’d wanted to run his hands up those sculpted legs.

Forget her.

Dark magic was at work here. The malice watched him, gloating over its victory. More of his magic had been stolen. It was dangerous.

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M.L. Guida loves the paranormal. Even when she was four years old, she would watch the soap opera, Dark Shadows, and fell in love with vampires! Who wouldn’t want a bite on the neck? Currently, she has two series with vampires: the Legends of the Soaring Phoenix and Vampires on Holiday. But she didn’t stop there. Witches, dragons, angels, and demons are sprinkled throughout her books.

Today, she continues to love the preternatural and watches Supernatural, Paranormal Survivor, and A Haunting. Like Dean Winchester, she loves to write alpha males who aren’t afraid to face the forces of evil. 

M.L. lives in Colorado near the Rocky Mountains. She loves to take her cocker spaniel, Raven, for walks on the trails behind her house. When she travels, she tries to go on ghost tours. Her favorite so far was the Jack the Ripper tour in London. 

She currently writes for Kensington/Lyrical Imprint, and she’s self-publishes. She is a member of Colorado Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America.