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That’s Unrealized

Sunnydale Days, Book 3


Constance Phillips

Genre: Contemporary Romance




In a month,

fashion mogul and reality TV judge Conrad Ryse, of The Retail Project fame, has

promised to take Rhonda Gables under his wing and invest in her fledgling career.

That’s her grand prize after a winning season on his show. Too bad exhaustion has

sent Rhonda out of her city apartment, away from her three successful boutiques, and

into her cousin’s guest room for a month of recuperation in her hometown.

She’s on the cusp of everything she’s ever wanted, but what will it cost? Doctor’s

orders be damned, she balks at first. But soon Rhonda is both delighted and

disconcerted by the attentions of her friend-maybe-lover, Trevor Collins, and the

contentment she is surrounded by back home. She must realize all she’s willing to

compromise and what her heart truly desires.

Headliner:  It’s what the doctor ordered for Rhonda Gables, owner

of three successful boutiques: four weeks of rest between winning this season’s Retail

Project and claiming her prize. Rhonda must decide if being a TV reality show star is

worth leaving behind her loved ones, including the increasingly 6 appealing Trevor





Constance Phillips lives in Ohio with her husband,

daughter, two kitties, and four canine kids.

When not writing stories of finding and

rediscovering love, Constance is counting down the days until her son and daughter-

in-law make her a grandma and planning a cross-country motorcycle trip with her

husband for the not-so-distant future…if they can find a sidecar big enough for the


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